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Aaron Hubbard

ABC has released a new trailer for a new, on-going Muppet show which is scheduled to be released this Fall! Before I go any further, check out the trailer below!

A Very Different Muppet Show

I am super excited about this show and had no idea that it was even in the works! I love the Muppets, I was too young to enjoy their original television airing as a kid but I did grow up with the Muppet movies (specifically The Muppet Movie) and Kermit has always had a soft place in my heart, so much so, that I even bought my 1-year-old son a Kermit the Frog puppet for his first birthday!

Now, there have been movies coming over the past couple years and they've not been bad, but there did seem to be something missing and I realized what it was: they just needed more Muppets. They focused too much on weird storylines when in reality, I just wanted the Muppets to do what they do.

Well, they're coming back this Fall and doing something very different from what they've done before, we are getting a mockumentary-style show which will explore the Muppets' lives behind the camera, ala The Office and Parks and Recreation.

I couldn't be more pumped to see where this goes.


How excited are you to see the Muppets return to television?


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