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Marvel just revealed who the famed Female Thor truly is behind the helmet. Much speculation has come about pertaining to who she really is. Everything from Black Widow to Sif has been rumored. We now know today however that the true identity of the Female Thor is none other than Thor's past lover and best friend JANE FOSTER! Jane frickin Foster, who would have thought? Anyone who follows the comics knows that Jane Foster is currently in a battle with breast cancer and was definitely the last person everyone expected to wield the mighty hammer.

Jane Foster revealed as Female Thor!
Jane Foster revealed as Female Thor!

This is truly inspirational on so many levels. It shows that no matter what challenges a person may face, that we must continue on and prosper. Female Thor was increasingly becoming more and more popular with every issue and her fan base, especially in the female demographic was expanding. Upon learning her true identity the popularity for this character should sky rocket. This is very interesting to see how this will affect the the comic universe and the cinematic universe from here on out.

What Does this mean for the MCU?

Female Thor in the MCU?
Female Thor in the MCU?

While many fans speculate that Anthony Mackie's character Falcon will take over as Captain America when Chris Evans hangs up the shield and walks away. Could this mean Natalie Portman could take over as Thor? Possibly, Jane Foster did not appear in Avengers: Age of Ultron so what is she up to? Has she been diagnosed with her illness? It is a bit of a stretch but that would be interesting to see. If in someway Thor were to meet his demise, someone would have to take over as the God or Goddess of Thunder. Chris Hemsworth can't be Thor forever, It would be awesome if he could, but bringing Female Thor to the big screen would be pretty awesome and would expand the fan base even further as it pertains to female viewers and even Male viewers. Other than Black Widow and soon to be Wonder Woman, there is really no superhero for female viewers to relate to, Female Thor would definitely be a welcomed addition to the MCU if they do it correctly.


What do you think of Jane Foster as Female Thor?


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