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As most of you know, Jurassic World is coming to theaters next month! I am totally pumped to watch it! And everyone should be counting down until this movie is in theaters! Here is why:

Reason 1: The trailers

The trailers are amazing! No other words can describe it! Here is the trailer:

Just watching the trailer gives me chills! And welcome back the hiding under a car scene!

Reason 2: The Cast

I will definitely be interested in seeing Chris Pratt in this type of movie. I expect big things from him. Also, though I haven't heard much about the other actors/actresses, they all seem like great actors from the Clips and trailers I've seen. They are dramatic, yet they don't go overboard like the news reporter from "San Andreas."

See the list of actors/actresses involved here

Final Reason: The Plot

The plot line for Jurassic World is perfect in every way! It would make perfect sense to make an island like that a themepark! Also, a genetically modified dinosaur? That totally relates to our issues with GMO's. They are combining real life issues with imagination and creativity. The writers of this movie are geniuses!

Gigantic dinosaur eating shark in front of audience
Gigantic dinosaur eating shark in front of audience

The fun and excitement in the beginning, turned into disaster when greed strikes what is likely a billionaire industry. A basic plotline with a nice twist, with entertaining scenes likely to come. Hopefully we get to see some shocking deaths!



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