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The last time I watched a horror musical, it ended up being one of the worse movies ever. The trailer made it out as an horror film with little to none of the musical or comedy. However it looked & sounded good so I gave it try.

The storyline is a bit of a classic as I have seen it played out in a number of films & TV series. Phantom of the Opera, Mad House, & Scooby-Doo: Stage Fright are just some examples. A cursed movie or play. A Phantom like killer in the play/movie starts killing people or making accidents happen. Here it's a Phantom of the Opera type play. The lead actress (Minnie Driver) is offed by the "Ghost of the Opera" in a brilliant death scene. Maybe my favorite of the film. Fast forward 10 years later as we are see her two kids (twin brother & sister) & buses full of theater kids who break out in song.

The first scene played out as an mystery slasher horror & felt like it. Then we get this upbeat musical. It was jarring at first but soon washed away as the song goes on. It is one of the most ridiculous yet awesome songs I've heard in any musical. One kid singing about how he is gay but not in that way. He's straight but the music makes him feel gay. Then another kid pops up singing how he is gay in that. Of course everyone joins! "We're all kinds of gay". The musical numbers are fantastic. Wished they was more.

Meatloaf's character is running a champ & this year, in order to get back on top, he's putting on the play that his lover, Minnie Driver, was the lead in ten years ago. This time however, takes place in Japan & the killer wears a Kabuki mask. Driver's daughter tries out for the lead to feel closer to her mother much to the dislike of the evil ginger. The director is a sleeze as he's trying to Camilla to sleep with him in order for him to choose her as the lead. Of course our Ghost of the Opera doesn't want to show to go on. So what does this Phantom do? Murders the director! This scene made me love the killer. The death was cool enough yes, but he has puns. I love puns when done right. This killer is clearer psycho & you add the puns with theatrical murders & it just works. When the killer sings, it's like a 1980s metal band. Like King Diamond. If King Diamond had less of a high vocal but added a scratch to it. Wear a Kabuki mask & murder kids while making puns, you'd have our killer.

King Diamond
King Diamond
Ghost of the Opera
Ghost of the Opera

But the show must go on because an important guy from Broadway is coming opening night so let's just forget about that dead kid okay? Play doesn't go far before shit hits the fan. As creative deaths & puns await our players! If it isn't King Diamond murdering everyone backstage, than who is it? The creepy janitor who doesn't have lines? The strange stage hand that has a crush on the hottie who's boobs almost show but never does (Camilla)? Did the Meatloaf go bad? Well I'll let you watch & see. The killer is clearly bat shit crazy.

I really enjoyed this film. I had fun watching it. It was fresh even though the idea has been done over & over fr years. The slasher horror elements are here. The comedy made me laugh. The songs were silly & loveable. The killer is crazy & has puns to spear. The fact the killer would sing the drum notes still tickles me. I also suggest sitting through the credits for the song. It isn't perfect. The blood looked to orange. I dunno if that's because of the film's color or not. I can over look it. This is low budget & it's Canadian! It's not for everyone but it's a fun time to had. On Netflix I rated it "loved it". 8.5 out of 10


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