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The season finale for the rather disappointing Arrow season 3 is coming up this Wednesday. But looking at season 3 as a whole it is nowhere as good as the first two seasons. It may have been the messy plot or the poor character development but it’s all over now. But if the CW wants Arrow to return to its former glory they should do these 7 things.

7. A new look

Overall we`ve had Oliver wear the same costume and has had the same Arrow cave. I feel it is well about time for the whole show to get a brand new look and feel. I would love it if Oliver Queen would begin to wear a sleeveless costume and maybe even grow a goatee. I also want to see a brand new Arrow cave, maybe with the Arrow costume coming from underground like in the Dark knight. It will make a lot more sense and will look cool. This may not be the most important thing but it`s something that I would like to see.

6. More meaningful flashbacks

The flash backs this season have felt boring and pointless and more of a distraction. Having the whole thing in Honk Kong didn`t work as well as I hoped. I would like to see him back on the island and actually see him learn some cool new fighting skills. Furthermore, I want the story being told to be interesting and actually fit in. The flashbacks in season 3 have been insignificant to me and I would love for it to be more like the ones we had in season 1.

5. Fix Felicity

I remember a time when Felicity once was one of my favourite characters, and I was a massive Olicity fan. I remember those days, back when I was watching season 2. Now, however I find Felicity to be so annoying. It’s like her bitch level is over 9000. All she does is nag at Oliver and try to seem strong but that’s not the Felicity I fell in love with. She`s no longer that fun character we loved. Moreover I now actually like Laurel and Thea more than her. Felicity has now become the love interest. This whole romance with Oliver ruined her character and I am now no longer rooting for Olicity to happen. I might be best if we just left Oliver single for Season 4.

4. Fix Oliver

Oliver this season has been on a mission to find out who he really is. To me this massive ark, which is basically what Arrow season 3 all about, is pretty boring. I don`t want to see another season of Oliver questioning who he really is. What I want is to Oliver to be that fun, sarcastic character he is in the comics. Yes he does take stuff seriously but he should be more fun and outgoing over all. The best way to explain this is that I want him to be more like he was in the first episode of Season 3.

3. More upbeat tone

Actually speaking of being fun I would love it if the whole season would be fun. Enough with the dark alley ways and all the characters brooding. It would be great to see more scenes shot in day light and for people to be actually happy. It doesn`t need to be like the flash where everybody is always is happy but my point is not everybody has to be always sad, or annoyed.

2. A better villain

Ra's al ghul has been a fine villain and his portrayal has been great. But I feel he tows the line of Villain or Anti-hero. It isn`t the characters fault but instead the writers. Next Season I would like to see a villain that is setting out on a mission from the beginning of episode one. It would be great if the villain was like Death stroke. You must feel that they are unstoppable and pose a real threat for Oliver. Not just a guy who wants make Oliver his heir. We want to feel as if he is a guy Oliver must stop and thathe is properly motivated. I think for season 4 black mask would be a great villain, another villain they could use is Onomatopoeia, but I feel he would be more suitable for Season 5.

1. To tell a better story

Season 3 has been all over the place. First Malcom kills Sarah for no good reason using Thea, then Oliver dies, then Ra`s al ghul want him to be his heir. For season 4 they need to till a more simple story and instead of making it all complicated they should focus on good character development and giving the villain strong reason to go against Oliver Queen. We want the overall pace to be much faster and enjoyable. We don`t was Oliver to be missing for 3 to 5 episodes ore be brain washed. We want to see him out and about protecting Starling city.

So here are my top 7 things that need to happen in Arrow season. Hope you enjoyed reading this and thank you for spending your time reading something I put so much effort in.


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