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I wish I could have gone to high school with the likes of Anna, Merida, Elsa, and so forth. We would take ceramics together, secretly discuss hot boys, share our lunches, and maybe even audition for the school's drama productions.

Oh, and most importantly we'd swap outfits and raid each others' wardrobes. It's one of the best parts about having best girlfriends.

The artist known as Punziella has made this dream a reality in her artwork, in which she fashions our favorite girls in trendy and modern outfits. Warning! You will get the sudden itch to shop until you drop.

Rapunzel is Pretty in Peach

I normally don't go for something quite as feminine as this, but with some Doc Martens and a black choker, I would totally wear this outfit in a heartbeat.

Princess Leia Has Some Competition

She's pulling off the double bun look that's completely in right now. Eat your heart out Leia and Miley!

Merida Is a Punk Rocker

I WOULD COMPLETELY WEAR THIS! I love it. Rocker chick chic is definitely my thing. I also love when readheads wear this color.

Lacey Ice Queen

The roses and lace add such a classic touch, along with that up-do hairstyle. She looks ready for Cotillion!

Sharp in That Black Hat

This is another outfit that is personally more of my style. It's casual, yet super sexy and fashionable.

These girls look insanely cute, but I do have to say I would want to personally browse through Merida's closet more than anybody's.

Does anybody else want to shop until they drop now, or is it just me? Where's my wallet?

[Source: Seventeen]


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