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This week’s Moment of Rage centers around the special post credits scene in the 2013 remake of THE EVIL DEAD. I’m choosing to make it a Moment of Rage so I’m free to talk about the rest of the film in my later review, and not spend so much time hating on the post credits scene and how it ruined everything. Which it did, it ruined everything. It took the experience I was having watching the remake and just shit all over it, which makes me rage. Hence why it’s this week’s Moment of Rage.

First, what am I talking about? If you didn’t stick around throughout the entire credits, you have no idea what I’m talking about, you lucky bastards. At the end of the credits there’s a quick shot of Bruce Campbell as the character Ash (which he played in the first three films) looking at his weapon of choice and then looking directly at the audience, saying one of his many catchphrases, “Groovy”. Really cool for fans of the original series, right? Maybe not so much. Here’s why.

The 2013 remake is good, really good. It could very easily exist as its own film, not overly relying on the original film and doing a lot of things different, or at the least, inspired by the original. I really, really, really, liked the remake. It got to a point where I actually forgot it was a remake, it did that good of a job being its own film. For me, it’s just natural to stay through the credits of a horror movie because sometimes there is an extra scene either during the credits, or right after the credits. So for the remake, I stayed in the theater as the credits rolled, thinking about the awesomeness of everything I had just saw. So awesome, in fact, that I forgot it was a remake, and was judging it by its own merits, not measuring it by how good it was compared to the original.

As I was in thought, it happened. The credits ended and I saw that brief little clip of Bruce Campbell saying “Groovy” and for reasons I didn’t understand at the moment, my heart sank and it left a bad taste in my mouth. My friends, who were in the theater watching the movie too, and I stepped outside to reflect on what we had just seen. The consensus was mostly positive. Then we touched on the quick clip at the end. Most of them liked it, but one of my friends and I were not thrilled.

It was right than that I realized what the problem was. I already talked about how, in my eyes, the remake pretty much makes it as its own film, and not by its remake status. In my mind, the remake was very much a separate entity from the original, so much new stuff that it did, pushing the envelope even further than the original. And that moment, Bruce Campbell at the end, brought all my thoughts of it being its own film come crashing all around me. It was an unnecessary reminder that “Hey, remember me from the original? Yeah, that’s right, the original. This is a remake”. It didn’t, and shouldn’t have existed. I was so happy with the film that being reminded it was originally a product of a very uncreative Hollywood, before someone came along and made it really good.

But then there’s that goddamn clip at the end. Goddamnit, Ash, you’re the reason we can’t have nice things, clearly.

However, had Bruce Campbell had a cameo in the film as some really small character, I would have thought that that was awesome. I think the reason why is because in this post credits clip he was playing the character he made famous, Ash. Which brings the two remakes colliding into each other. Had he been a gas station attendant or something he would have not been playing Ash, and I think I’d be able to get behind that more than him appearing as Ash to top off the film.

So do yourself a favor and quit while you’re ahead, stop the movie once the credits start to roll. It’s just not worth the last five or ten seconds.


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