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The Power Rangers are due for a big screen reboot. It has been almost a full twenty years since the first movie came out and with this new film in the works, there are two things fans want to know. The first is, ‘will we get the darker telling of the story that we want?’ People who grew up with the original Rangers don’t want to see that Saturday morning cartoon kind of movie that came out in 1995.

Please no more Ivan Ooze
Please no more Ivan Ooze

The second thing the fans want to know is, ‘who will be in this movie?’ Will we see some big names? Complete unknowns? Or could we even see some of the original cast? Well, thanks to certain former cast member, I can give you a little bit of news.

There is a good chance we will see the original Green Ranger in some role in the new movie!


Jason David Frank was in Philadelphia this weekend for Wizard World Comic Con. I got to speak with him for a few minutes and asked him about the new movie. I, like a lot of Power Rangers fans, wanted to know if we would see him on the big screen.

“I probably will be. I’ve been in contact,” Frank said. “I can’t confirm anything, but I’ve been in contact.”

Frank, who played Tommy Oliver in over 200 episodes on TV and in the first movie, has made it clear that he definitely wants to be involved in the new movie. And from the sound of it, he may have gotten his wish.

“I just don’t know the extent of my role in it,” Frank said. “But I’m pretty sure I’ll be in it.”

It's tough to imagine a new Tommy
It's tough to imagine a new Tommy

It would certainly make Rangers fans happy to see the original Green Ranger in the new film. Whether he reprises his role as Tommy, or takes on a smaller part as a nod to the source material, Frank will provide a recognizable face for the fans to get excited about.

They will however, have to put their excitement on hold for some time. The movie is not set to come out for quite a while.

“The movie’s been pushed back to 2017,” Frank said. “So we’re not going to be filming until next year.”

This means it could be some time until we get some real concrete news on Frank’s role, the rest of the cast, or the plot of the movie. One thing is for sure now though. We won’t see Frank in the movie if they decide to go for an R-rating. He is ok with the story being a little darker, but not too much darker.

“As long as they keep it PG-13, I’m down with that,” Frank said.

This means that we will likely not see a film that goes the route of the popular but controversial fan film, “Power/Rangers”. Or at least, if we do (which I think is highly unlikely) Jason David Frank will have nothing to do with it.

Don't expect a reboot like this
Don't expect a reboot like this

But even if Frank doesn’t get to put the green uniform on for the new film, he just can’t keep himself from being a Power Ranger. Frank donned the costume, complete with helmet, shield and dagger, for the latest episode of Super Power Beat Down. The popular web series that pits two super powered icons against each other, matched up the Green Ranger with Street Fighter’s Ryu.

“It was awesome,” Frank said. “The episode was new, the suit was new, everything was well put together. It was well made so it just looked more heavy duty.”

This was the second time Frank reprised his role as Tommy for the web series. In 2013, Frank put on the White Ranger costume to take on Scorpion from Mortal Kombat in one of the most popular episodes of the series.

“After the White Ranger vs. Scorpion had 10 million views, I told them to do a Green Ranger one,” Frank said. “The movie’s not out yet either so it kind of pressed the appetite for some fans, so it was good.”

It certainly got some Power Ranger fans excited, as the video already has more than a million views in it’s first week. If this is any indication of what’s to come, 2017’s Power Rangers film will open to some very enthusiastic fans.


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