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Stephen Spencer

story: rag doll

a family moves into an old house, while the parents are working on the house, there little 11 year old girl decided to play outback. shes happy to see an old swing set, as she swings back and forth

she is scrapping the ground with her shoes. she notices a piece of wood under the dirt, but when she digs it up, it turns out to be a wooden box, its not that big so it was easy to lift. when she opened it

she saw an old rag doll, excited she grabed it out of the box and ran inside to show her parents. the parents are happy she found something to play with, but encourage her to wash the doll first. after

the doll is cleaned up, the little girl never puts it down, she took it everywhere she went. the parents notice her talking to the doll, then they think its an imaginary friend that the girl created. or so they

think, the girl can actually hear the doll whispering in her ear. the doll says her names is sally, and she lived in the house back in the 18th century, her parents were both doctors, and she saddley died

falling out a window by accident. she died half an hour later after putting her in her bed. even after she died, and the parents moved out few years later, she still remains there. one morning while the girl

is still sleeping, the family dog steals the doll off the dresser and takes it outside starts chewing on it, minutes later the girl wakes up, wondering where the doll is, and asked her parents. they didnt have it, so

she looked out back and found the dog ripping it up in the dog house. she polled it away from her dog and saddly the doll was trashed, parts torn, stuffing coming out. the girl was devistated, and she tried to

sew it up as best she could, but there was no use. so she tossed it in the box and reburied it. few nights later, the girl was walking upstairs to her room, she heard a faint whisper. sally was calling her to her room,

as she walked toward her door, she felt a chill in the air. she reached the door, and she can still here sally calling her. she opened the door ever so slightly, and saw a tall dark figure standing there in the middle

of her room. the moon shined into the room from behind the curtains, and it was the doll but huge standing there with one button eye dangling, her clothing all dirty and stained, and her hair hanging down to her ancles.

the doll spoke,' why did you bury me, dont you care about me?' the girl was in shock, and couldn't speak. the doll spoke ones more,' i know you were sad when your mean old dog took me away from you, but you shouldnt

have buried me. you gave up on me, and saddley ive given up on you.' the doll dissapeared, and the girl slowly walked into her room. she whispered,' sally, are you still hear?' suddenly the girl was flouting in the air, and

moving toward the window, but stops right infront of it. she rotates around, and stares in shock at the human sally in an 18th century dress and braided blond hair, and black tap shoes. sally speaks,' you dont want me anymore?,

then i dont want you!' and the girl is tossed through the window, screaming on the way down. as she hit the ground, rain drops fell upon her face. she looked up into the window, sally in view waving down at her. the girl slowly

closes her eyes. the next moring, the parents found there daughter dead on the front lawn, the mother cuffs her mouth and starts crying, and the father holds her in his arms, they call the police and hospital, the girls body was taken

away on a strecher in a body bag. the mother still crying as she was taken away, she looked up at her daughters window, and saw a girl in the window but see through, she was smiling down at the scene.



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