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Last week’s Arrow was important for fans of Oliver Queen everywhere. Finally shedding that Frat Boy status, the League heir; whilst at points frustrating to deal with, made us miss not; the Arrow, but Oliver Queen himself.

Relieved that he isn’t actually brainwashed, the uncertainty that lies ahead grates on our nerves and has us itching to slap Oliver and do something less level-headed.

The important thing here, keeping Stephen Amell’s shady tweets in mind, is that if Arrow doesn’t continue, Oliver Queen will. One way or the other.

Although adding itself to the uncertainty of things and the future of the league, I’m hoping Oliver maintains his commute to his job as Ra’s Al Ghul; making our enemies less ambiguous and this role - the focus of next season.

Getting into detail about last week's episode ‘This is your Sword’ we finally saw the team reunite with OLIVER to prevent the Bioweapon destroying Starling city. With Thea out of the way, and Ra’s hypocrisy somewhat quelled as a result, I fear the worst for Starling.

Optimistic from the trailer for tomorrow’s episode, that being exposed to the virus hasn’t killed Team Queen, Barry Allen may be the meta-human we need to nip this potential disaster in the bud.

During the episode, prior to my heart being ripped out, stepped on, and set alight by the Death of Maseo, I leant towards the theory that despite what all of you comic book fans may know, that Maseo would retain his humanism by assuming the Role of Ra’s. With ‘Maseo’ very much alive- for most of the episode, and the season - I thought Oliver’s failures may result in the enlightenment of humanity existing within the League after all.

Although he delivered the bioweapon to the League, the non-immediate death and or/blood pouring orifices of the Team, had me thinking Maseo was the act of humanism that his son needed, in the delivery of a placebo virus.

Also gladly welcomed was the return of Ray in his puppy dog valour; only to experience what I imagine to be maternal worry, in the suspicious transfer of ownership of Palmer Tech to Felicity. Is Ray’s residency in Starling city coming to an end, or will Ray Palmer assume the role of Arrow, whilst Oliver revolutionizes the League?

In the words of Maseo, the League gives Oliver the freedom via contradictory obligation, to free up what his city needs to survive - the killer inside.

Yet to be answered:

What role will Nyssa play in the season conclusion. With ‘My name is Oliver Queen’ being our season finale, will Nyssa and Oliver have a union as Leader and blood borne heir, without sharing the marital bed?

And will Ra’s finally be defeated?

What are your ideas?

Arrow concludes Wednesday May 13th at 8/7c!


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