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for those of you waiting to see Emily blunt in another movie you will get your wish when Sicario has its limited theatrical run in September of this year, the film was screened early at the Cannes film festival and received critical acclaim for its on point story-telling and its star-studded cast. The film already holds a decent score on rotten tomatoes based on a few reviews, and it looks like the film plans to keep the streak going when it reaches cinemas.

here's the plot synopsis of the film:

Members (Benicio Del Toro, Josh Brolin) of a government task force enlist an idealistic FBI agent (Emily Blunt) to aid them in their plan to take down the brutal chieftain of a Mexican drug cartel.

The plot already draws you in because the war on drugs is definitely an issue that has a lasting effect and will draw in those who feel strongly about how these operations are carried out and how they conclude.The U.S. has also been adamant on stopping the flow of illegal drugs across its own borders and has been relentless in finding shipments and pursuing the power-hungry drug lords who mastermind these operations.

Emily blunt is playing a cop who teams up with Mercenaries on joint mission to stop an elusive drug lord and it looks like there could be some tension along the way. since her character will be playing by different set of rules and this could cause her to become morally conflicted while trying to do her job and could put her and her partners in jeopardy, but we will see how it plays out in the film.

Benicio Del toro will be playing one of the mercenaries alongside Josh Brolin. So far it seems like he and Brolin's character will be keeping a short leash on Emily blunt's character by leaving her in the dark on critical details of the whole operation. this whole scenario could lead to some heated discussions and very unfriendly confrontations.This film could even become an Oscar contender if it gets enough praise, but that has yet to be seen.


Sicario arrives in theaters on September 30,2015


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