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Ralph Varlese

Since January 1st (2015) I have been embarking on a quest. The journey will taking me to far off, and mostly imaginary lands. I am taking the to watch 365 movies that are new to me, thoughout the year.

The challenge has been cast upon me by famed comedian and podcaster Doug Benson, who is tracking his progress on Twitter, as well as on one of his many podcasts, Doug Loves Minis. The DLM stands for Doug Loves Movies, which is his hilarious, weekly, hour long Podcast in which he and a panel of guests discuss movies and play trivia games.

Doug is making the challenge an interactive experience, encouraging listeners to join in and post on Twitter as well. During the Minis pod, if he gives us an update on what he has been watching, he will sometimes read a few of these tweets.

I myself started the tweets after watching several movies and have been utilizing twitter's limited character options to track my progress ever since. I have decided however, to start writing a bit more about the movies I see during the year and I think will be the perfect place to do so.

I doubt I will go back to the beginning and review all the films I have seen. I might also limit my reviews to just my favorite flicks, but please keep and eye out for my future posts.

At the moment I am 136 movies into the 365. Which, puts me a few days ahead. Got any recommendations? Check out my Twitter @RalphVarlese to see which ones I have already watched so far and tweet me back



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