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Epic Art Prints is excited to release on May 14th, “The Island of Doctor Moreau” by Vincent Roché, inspired by the classic H.G. Wells’ novel.

Vincent Roché is a freelance french art director and illustrator based in Paris. Born in the 80’s, Vincent, surrounded by images and pixels, grew up drawing his favourites heroes, cutting, modifying, editing, observing, exploring and creating the image, a passion that now nourishes his works.

  • 18″x 24″
  • €55.00
  • Limited edition of 150
  • 2 Colors Screen Print
  • (Signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity)
  • Printed on: Fischer Galerie Image 235gsm
  • Printed by Les Belges

Here’s what Roché had to say about the project:

“When I created this poster, it seemed obvious to me that Dr. Moreau and his island would be entwined. My goal was to make people experience the fear Edward Prendick felt when he saw in the distance this island of pain. Playing with simple and graphic shapes and a restricted chromatic palette allowed me to give two levels of understanding of this illustration : from afar the dark silhouette of Dr. Moreau. From a closer look, his guts. The shadows of the monsters he created, on the lookout for the new intruder and reciting the law under the permanent threat of Dr. Moreau’s whip, real symbol of submission for the beast-folk.”

On sale Thursday, May 14th at Epic Art Prints’ store here.

Detail work:

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