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hey everyone, im maya not your avergage girl im from new jersey. Oh and i love horror movies.
Coco Amor

Hey everyone Maya here , in this post i will be talking about Freddy,Jason and Michael. Let me start off my saying Jason will always be my favorite then Michael, i dont really like freddy he is okay and we will get into that in a few, But first lets talk about their movies!

First up Michael myers. Michael michael michael what are we going to do with you. Now from what i saw from the old ones (the ones i watched) you always tried to kill your sister.....really dude...what did she ever do to you ? did she take your candy? did she bully you as a kid and you wait years later to express how you feel? do you wish you were her in a creepy kinda way?...whatever issues you had with her when you guys were younger get over it lol. So you decide im gonna stalk my sister and make her go michael you really have thought this through. I do enjoy michael because he's almost like angrier human version of Jason. Michael is very aggressive, overkills and is very sneaky. In reality i would imagine you could hear him considering hes like 6'5 and kinda buff lol. I also like michael because he refuses to go down without a fight, he just keeps going and going. Now im so confused in two of the old michael films.....How the hell did he stab and kill her in one, and then the next min she slices off his head or vice versa? how is that even posssible....thats just whatever....Now in the new upgraded 2007/2009 michael..he was a more pissed off imma kill every mother f***** i see. Now as i remember michael only had one he has two...and the sister he is stalking goes crazy at the end....i suppose now she might have her own movie.....great.....angel myers..thats all we need lmfao...leave the killing to your brother sweetie xD.

Enough about michael time to talk about...Freddy.....ehhhh. This wont be a long post lol. To me freddy is just funny and stupid. You have no real powers, like really the only way to come and kill people is if someone is scared of suck dude ...he must find the dumbest people to be scared of him now if your a child i would understand, but not as a grown person. Freddy bores me if your not scared of him he can't do much to you..even if he tries its called fighting yall wanna cry scream and run in circles then you wonder why you died cause you were a dumbass. The new freddy needs to go home he tried to hard lol...just stop and go home and take some anger managent pills.

And now its time for my favorite...JASON. To me jason is a asshole lol but hes amazing. He went from walking slow, to speed walking, to being in space to basically jogging. Now some of the old ones were boring and one was wtf is this shit. The funniest jason movie i've even seen had to be where this creepy thing went inside of you and you acted like jason and started killing people...really worst but funniest jason movie. We so can not forget the time when Jason kicked freddys ass!!!, freddy really thought he could kill jason...uh hello yall are both dead neither one of you can die....At first i thought jason thought everyone was a camp counselor and thats why he killed everyone or that he was just very confused. I soon a asshole who just kills to kill, i dont think hes like michael or freddy and gets some kind of joy out of it.He just kills, its almost like was programmed to kill and to do nothing more. But i do feel horrible that he drowned as a kid and that his story is going to be rewritten...this should be interesting....interesting indeed.


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