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I am reminded that we are reaching a breaking point when I watch a trailer like this. This trailer uses every ploy it knows to lure in the unsuspecting to have a cheap laugh. I am mostly insulted by this trailer because when I think back to a time not too long ago, say when the original movie came out, that writers really thought their jokes out.

Sure, there has always been an element of slapstick and I am sure that there will always continue to be. But this trailer is the pinnacle of all of that. You see, writing GOOD comedy is difficult and really easy to mess up. Imagine if John Candy had told Steve Martin to, "eat a d***" rather than say, "You would have a better chance playing pick up sticks with your butt cheeks than getting out of Chicago tonight." Plains, Trains, and Automobiles becomes infinitely less funny when you add that crude aspect to it.

That is not to say it can't work. Obviously we have a film called "Due Date" which is virtually identical to PT&A, and it features a man trying to masturbate in the same vehicle as another man and it was considered humorous.

You may be asking yourself, "What is the point?". Well my dear friends, my point is, The original vacation film is a classic comedy featuring an endearing yet completely comical take of a family's road trip to a theme park. This new movie, "Vacation" features a Red Band Trailer that includes a scene where a man overhears a father say that he wants to give his son a rimjob. Rather than do something like call the police or question the father, he stops dead in his tracks then turns to walk away. Now while we as a viewer know that the phrasing is all a wonky mishap, this person does not. He leaves a poor boy to be sexually molested by his father.

And that is considered comedy?

Couple that with it's closing scene of a woman being ran over on the interstate by a semi and I throw my towel in the ring.

Now I know that some of you, or perhaps even a lot of you, are going to say something like, "they are just doing a different take on the original content." Yes, this is obvious. And it still isn't funny.

My recommendation is to stay as far away from this film as humanly possible until Netflix.

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