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Extra Tidbit: First of all, am I getting better at this editing thing? When I finish with Posters 2 and 3, I'll write an official article about it (And who knows, write a script?)

So... Avengers: Age of Ultron...
I've been waiting a long time to write an article about this baby, with spoilers, but didn't want any unfortunate souls to accidentally read it to have a film spoiled similar to what happened with Iron Man 3 for me (Come on, man!)

So, here we go

Well what do we have here?

Some amazing VFX and CGI! (They completely changed Falcon's costume, man! And a ton of other stuff. Wait, WTF?)

#1. The Leaders: Captain America and Black Widow

Did Hulk just punch Thor off screen again?
Did Hulk just punch Thor off screen again?

Number 1: Who's funding this thing?

I don't doubt Steve's leadership capabilities, and Natasha's espionage experience, but that has been bothering me.

In all serious, this team is going to be a... different type of animal.

Cap will be the leader he always has been, but following a more militaristic approach, similar to Secret Avengers. With 4 military guys (including them) and an android, that may just be what this is. Cap will probably make his team into a more strict, tactical team which would be an awesome contradiction to what I am now calling Avengers: A Roll (a one where Quicksilver is still alive, and Captain Marvel and Spider-Man), and Natasha will train them in the aspects she is most skilled in (i.e. being awesome, stuff like that)

They both continue to be awesome, and their banter will be something the Russo Bros. will wanna keep doing, because it was awesome.

The militaristic approach will make this team feel different and be different then the wildness that we loved in the first 2 Avengers. If you want to stress that it is a new team, there's gotta be a new feel, not just a new roster.

#2 The Vision

Whirr, Whirr, Whirr, Whirr.
Whirr, Whirr, Whirr, Whirr.

First of all, let's give Paul Bettany a round of applause. That was awesone. His portrayal was so cool.

One of the biggest guns ever, his personality is ever so awesome, and his level of sarcasticity within his programming remains to be seen,

He is a robot capable of showing empathy, which he certainly will do with Scarlet Witch (because in the comics they get married)

His phasing was not one of my favorite things, as I wasn't a fan of how it looked. I wonder if his density changing will be introduced/further elaborated on.

The MCU has been missing a big romance, as Brutasha, Pepperony, and some others have failed, but they have the potential to be just that.

He said himself he doesn't know where his alleigiances stand, so I'm sensing a side-switch in Civil War, as they are expecting this "robot" to follow orders, and will forget he can fully function (i.e. has a actual mind and soul, not just programming)

#3 Falcon

Ahh, The Trifecta...

Cap and Widow, and Falcon, together at last.

There is a ton of red in this teams color palette, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Falcon, Cap, and War Machine's unibeam.

Anthony Mackie's Falcon will make a great addition to the squad, with his humor and general badassness.

Extra Tidbit: Wow, that was a lot of S's. B-A-D-A-S-S-N-E-S-S. Nope, doesn't work as well as Mississippi

The red in his ledger... Oops, costume, looks good.

His background could be cool to see, with his PTSD training, and he could have some very cool banter/arcs with Steve as they are very good friends.

I'm concerned with his "weaponry", if you can even describe it as that (two pistols? Dude... You're an Avenger) But those gauntlets could make a difference, and with all we saw in that minute (Is the elevator worthy?)


Is the elevator worthy

There's a ton of stuff that could fix that.

#5 War Machine

Mr. Feige will see you now...

Is anyone else thinking Don Cheadle might actually get to be an Avengers onscreen?

His military background might be prevalent for this recruit, but this could also be for the simple reason that they need an Iron Man

It's kind of true. Rhodey's military background will be the Iron Man suit that qualified for the Avengers Initiative, but not the Tony Stark that didn't. If you want the Secret Avengers (which is what I think they are going for), then you want a guy who can keep it a secret. Don Cheadle never got to actually be War Machine in the action. It doesn't click.

But is Tony is going to be the villain, this hand picked, militaristic team needs to have someone who knows about Tony, and can appeal to him.

#6 Scarlet Witch

With it's impending release, I must have some Pitch Perfect 2 related humor. My first reaction was - Accascuse me?

Elizabeth Olsen blew me away with this portrayal in AoU, and I am now confident she is an Oscar caliber actress.

Extra Tidbit: Bold, right?

Also, as @Tommy DePaoli reported, she is now dating Tom Hiddleston, who's character Loki actually posed as her character leading up to a storyline called called Siege.

Now about her character: Her powers were messed around with, which I don't like personally, but two Eastern European women on one team will be cool to see.

She already has a personal storyline developed/developing, and if you look at my Vision one, maybe two. Elizabeth Olsen will hopefully continue to portray her so well. She doesn't fit under the military design, but that will make her even more interesting as a character.

And that is what I think about the new team. Why does Cap get all the cool guys?
*takes bow*
What do you think? Tell me in the comments.

Did anyone else know Martin Stein was in Legally Blonde? I looked whatever his actor's name is up on IMDb


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