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Tonight was, of course, the end to the war of the Inhumans, and, of course, the end to Mr. Hyde and Skye's evil mother. WARNING! FURTHER NEWS CONTAIN SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN TONIGHT'S EPISODE!

Tonight ended the war of the Inhumans and ended Agent 33 for good. All that's left is to get rid of Ward and his other assailants. And, to make things somewhat good, Skye finally has closure with dear ole' daddy Mr. Hyde, who later succumbs to the T.A.H.I.T.I. program. Which, in turn, means that he has no memory of his daughter or his wife or, for that matter, the Hyde Formula.

And as we saw in the last few minutes of the show, Coulson is putting together a new group of superhumans. Now I know what you're thinking: what other super-powered team is there? Funny you should ask. In the comics, our beloved Quake joins a team of super-powered individuals led by Nick Fury, or, for sake of the show, Coulson. That team is called the Secret Warriors.

A team composed of Eden Fesi, AKA the mutant Manifold (or, once again, for sake of the show and Marvel Studios, possibly an Inhuman or just superhuman), Quake, Slingshot, Stonewall, The Druid, Phobos, and Hellfire, along with Nick Fury. Now, we can already tell that not everyone of those characters that I just mentioned will be on the show, but as far as I know, that's the team that Coulson is prepared to form. As far as members are involved, if they find Mike, the team will be composed of Deathlok, Lincoln (whatever alias he chooses), and Skye (who will probably go by Quake eventually), with Coulson leading the charge. But you still have to wonder: will Lincoln turn out to be the Inhuman King himself, Blackagar Boltagon, AKA Black Bolt? And if so, what will drive him to be the famous leader of the Inhumans? Will we see the Inhuman Royal Family?

With that aside, let's get to the final scene in the show: the possible end to Agent Simmons. What was up with that? And what is that thing that swallowed her whole? Will she return alive? There's no way of telling until next season.

Well, that's all the time I got. Be sure to tune in for Season 3! And when that will come, no one knows yet, but MoviePilot will keep you posted!



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