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I remember being a little girl and enjoying Easter. My mom would dress me up in gorgeous, poofy floral dresses, put my hair into braids, and I'd run up and down the front yard of our family friend's house, desperately searching for eggs.

Some were filled with chocolate, while others with candy, and if you found a dollar or two, you really hit the jackpot.

Disney must know that even as adults, we still love seeking for hidden treasures. Which is why Disney enjoys peppering their films with references of other Disney characters and the likes.

And I know finding a hidden Mickey Mouse or a Frozen reference is way cooler than a few stinking dollars.

1. The Paperman Makes An Appearance in Wreck-It Ralph

The Paperman is an animated short that was showcased before the film. You can see the same paper on the bulletin board scene during the villains support meeting.

2. Kermit Getting a Good Look at King Triton

But where is Miss Piggy?

3. Mickey's Little Peep in Frozen

Seems like Anna has her childhood stuffed Mickey doll tucked away back there. I know I still have mine.

4. Mike Wazowski in Frozen

The carved out of wood Mike figurine is so cute! Wonder how I can get one made for myself.

5. Scat Cat from The Aristocats is also in Robin Hood

Scat Cat (interesting name, isn't it?) also makes an appearance in Robin Hood. I wonder if Disney ran out of character ideas or perhaps ran out of money.

6. Mulan's Name used in Lilo & Stitch

I would definitely eat at a restaurant called Mulan Wok. Maybe the food will give you badass powers, like the ability to save an entire village.

7. Peeping Posters in Meet the Robinsons

The Jungle Book and Toy Story 2 posters are a nice touch to the baseball field, wouldn't you agree?

8. Tiana and Naveen Attend the Coronation

I would recognize that green dress anywhere! Could that be Tiana and Naveen attending Elsa's coronation in Frozen?

9. Dumbo in The Great Mouse Detective

This bubble toy is so adorable. Dumbo even has his hat and everything.

10. Rapunzel Book in The Princess and the Frog

Following The Princess and the Frog, Disney released the film Tangled. Perhaps they stuck in this Easter egg as a clue of what story was next.

11. The Spinning Wheel

The same spinning wheel Aurora from The Sleeping Beauty pricks her hand on is also in Rapunzel's room in Tangled. I wonder if Rapunzel has ever accidentally fallen into any deep sleeps.

I'm feeling as giddy as the crocodile from Peter Pan. I may not be wearing a ridiculously tufty Easter dress like when I was a little girl, but I still get that same jubilant feeling when I come across a Disney Easter egg.

[Source: Buzzfeed]


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