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I'm still wildly hyped up after watching Rogue Air, but I've waited long enough to write this breakdown, so let's delve right into it! So exciting just watching this trailer- but, to avoid any dampers on that excitement, full spoilers for season one of The Flash follow, and speculation on the finale.

Spoiler buffer-

How could it be anything else?! We've had Ferris Air Easter Eggs way back since the first season of Arrow, little nods to Hal Jordan (AKA Green Lantern). We even visited his home city of Coast City a few episodes ago. And now, Rogue Air just explicitly mentioned the guy, a "test pilot who disappeared." No doubt because his name is Hal Jordan, and he's off training in space.

Anyway, here's the trailer for Fast Enough, Flash's- can't believe it came so soon! - season finale. And it looks amazing.

Luckily, it's one of those trailers which really doesn't give away a lot. I wouldn't be surprised, honestly, if most of this content is from the first half of the episode. But there's still plenty of talk about!


Yes, that's probably the first thing any long time Flash fan freaked out about in this trailer- a more vivid red, a white logo- they're all parts of Barry's suit he normally wears. But note, more significantly, in the other shots in the room where Nora dies fifteen years ago Barry still has his normal suit- you're looking at future Flash, apparently the one being erased from existence.

Particle Accelerator coming online...

Wells may have been stopped, but I'm fairly certain he was just stalling in that fight- and his countdown's still going. What does he want the accelerator for? Is it going to detonate and bring out a fresh wave of powers? Remember, we know we're seeing certain characters by the end of the season, and they're not in this trailer at all. So, again, big things here.

Barry's gonna save his mother!

She still looks hurt, but Barry's talking to her- he's altered the past just by being there whatever course this takes.

...obviously stopping Wells in the past, too.

As if it needs a mention, there's now three speedsters fighting in eleven year old Barry's house. Thawne disappears after Barry and loses his speed in the regular continuity. Other Barry zooms off to save younger Barry, and now we've got our Barry standing with his mother. All will be explained, fear not.

But Thawne is still in action in the present!

Both in and out of costume Eobard's still playing with Barry, and clearly gets loose from containment. His plans aren't done in the slightest. We'll also see, if the comments by the cast and crew still stand and no scenes have been cut, the return of Matt Letscher as the original Eobard Thawne before taking on the face of Harrison Wells.

Get the time travel expert- Stein's back!

We saw Ronnie in Rogue Air as Firestorm, which technically means we saw- even if we didn't hear- Martin Stein as well, but Victor Garber's back and playing him in the flesh. It seems fitting, given this episode is going to clearly play a lot with time travel, and he also needs a send off- Garber's among the confirmed cast, as is Cold below, of Legends of Tomorrow, the new spin off. Given it's all about time travel, that's a fairly good guess of what his role will be.

So's Captain Cold! (Perhaps only briefly).

That's definitely Snart, and it seems reasonable given he's recurred frequently throughout this season that he would pop up. However, his name wasn't included in any of the episode descriptions which normally include major guest stars, so his return may only be fairly brief.

Enter the Flashpoint Paradox?

Or at the very least the beginning of it. This timeline, it would seem, has been royally messed up, and time's not one to cope with that. This is very similar to what we saw in Flashpoint, or the animated movie Flashpoint Paradox. The world begins to be erased, another time taking its place. I'm very much hoping Eobard gets to say "Barry, what did you do?" in his amazingly psycho and villainous gleeful manner that he used in Episode 22.

A couple of people have asked me whether we'll see the alternate reality created by the Flashpoint Paradox in this episode, and it's difficult to say. There's a lot going on already from what we see in the promo, but it seems especially cruel- but I don't deem the writers below such an awesome twist! - to end the season in an alternate reality. We'll see how it goes. Huge things!

Another popular question- will we see the events outlined in this newspaper come to light? No, I doubt it- this is from 2024, remember. It seems unlikely, but I'm, again, not going to rule it out. This is, after all, what happens right before future Flash and Thawne find themselves back on that night when Nora dies (or at least we assume it is). And, after all, next week is our first look at the wonderful Ciara Renee as Hawkgirl AKA Kendra Saunders!

Sadly, this seems like it'll be my last DC TV trailer breakdown for quite some time, as we near the end of the shows that I've written about since September. (Edit: As lovely consistent reader King Kong pointed out to me, that's a lie- with any luck we'll actually get a Supergirl one VERY soon, which you can bet I'll be breaking down for you too!) It seems weird that one of my first posts was only last year on a trailer for Arrow Season 3, and yet here we are, at the end of both seasons of both shows.

Still, I'll be around year long breaking down trailers when we get them- hopefully I'll have a Legends of Tomorrow one to do soon! - with other DC movies to break down as well, and there'll still be plenty of news once we hit the time of SDCC and whatnot. If you want that kind of news, be sure to give me a follow, and thank you for reading my work this season and all the comments people have left. It's great to interact with other fans and get excited for our favourite stuff, and I'm super happy that you've reacted so positively to my articles!

But enough of that sentimentality! If you want a trailer breakdown for Arrow's finale My Name is Oliver Queen before it ends very soon, check that out, or read the amazing confirmation that all of DC's shows can connect with each other! Otherwise, don't miss The Flash's finale next week, where we're sure to get some amazing stuff, and our first glimpse at Legends of Tomorrow!


Do you think we'll see the alternate world of Flashpoint in the finale?


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