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With modern video game narratives ever expanding in their ambition, scope and pure complexity, the demand for talented actors - who can bring a whole cast of digital pixels to life - has never been greater.

Thus, the industry has increasingly looked to Hollywood for vocal talent, with everyone from Emma Stone to Snoop Dog having lent their sultry tones to various video game characters. These stars, though instantly recognizable in the real world, can be rather hard spot once digitalized, with their voices being the only indicator of their true identity.

I've even played through some of the following titles to completion, only to be shocked to find out it was THAT celebrity voicing the main character all along! Scroll down to take a look at the most unlikely A-listers who found themselves in a video game - how many slipped past you?

1. Lena Headey - Dishonoured

Role: Callista Curnow

Yep, the Game of Thrones star somehow managed to slip inside a digital bathtub in Dishonoured, covering herself up in front of the player. Should you be so bold, you can even ask to join her, though Cersei is rather possessive when it comes to her bubbles. Check out the steamy scene below:


Did you recognize Headey in the game?

2. Liam Neeson - Fallout 3

Role: James

Okay, so it's pretty hard to mistake Neeson's distinctive voice ("I will find you, and I will kill you"), but I was still just as surprised - and frankly overjoyed - to find him playing my in-game father. Funnily enough, Nesson's own son complained to his dad when he finally sat down to play Fallout, as Liam himself relates:

"Dad! It's you!" He was so pissed off. No escape! And I said, "Yes son. I'm still a Jedi."

Check him out in full character below (SPOILERS!):


Did you recognize Neeson's voice in the game?

3. Michelle Rodriguez - Halo 2

Role: Female Marine

That's right, the wonderful Rodriguez was given the prestigious and highly prominent role of 'Female Marine' in Bungie's epic sci-fi shooter. For such a nebulously sounding role, she actually matches her in game avatar in likeness surprisingly well!

The Fast & Furious star also lent her voice to Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Driv3r.


Did you recognize Rodriguez's voice in the game?

4. Matthew Perry - Fallout: New Vegas

Role: Benny

The slimy, smooth talking Benny welcomes you to Fallout: New Vegas by, well, shooting you in the head. It's an experience made all the weirder by the fact he sounds like Chandler Bing. Could he BE anymore rude.


Did you recognize Perry's voice in the game?

5. Emma Stone - Sleeping Dogs

Role: Amanda Cartwright

I got about 8 hours in to Sleeping Dogs before I realized my annoying in-game love interest, who incessantly insisted I drive her around and take pictures of her on my phone, was in fact the lovely Emma Stone. By then it was too late - I'd already blown my chance after driving the whining woman off a pier.

Why not embark on a romantic digital date with Emma in the video below. Let's be honest, it's probably the closest you or I are gonna get to the real thing:


Did you recognize Stone's voice in the game?

6. Elijah Wood - Broken Age

Role: Shay

The former-Frodo very recently lent his voice to Double Fine's truly excellent point and click adventure game, Broken Age. Elijah is in fact a big fan of games instead, having loved the '90s PC classics - like Monkey Island - that inspired Broken Age in the first place.

Oh, and he also played Spyro in the excellent Legend of Spyro trilogy - now that takes me back!


Did you recognize Wood's voice in the game?

7. Mila Kunis - Saints Row

Role: Tanya Winters

Badass gang member Tanya Winters, known for her no-nonsense attitude and jaw-dropping good looks, is actually pretty damn similar to her real life voice actress. Other than, you know, all the senseless murdering she's awfully fond of.


Did you recognize Kunis in the game?

8. John Goodman - Rage

Role: Dan Hagar

While Rage may be Goodman's most famous video game appearance, his most infamous is unquestionably in Pyst. I could tell you about that role, but I think this picture speaks a thousand words...


Did you recognize Goodman in the game?

9. Hayden Panettiere - Kingdom Hearts

Role: Kairi

It's a little known fact that this charming American actress actually starred in a rather eccentric Japanese video game series called Kingdom Hearts. Funnily enough, Hayden didn't pursue this short lived career as a voice actor. Probably something to do with her jaw-dropping good looks.


Did you recognize Panettiere in the game?


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