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Personal taste accounts for a lot of things. There's been many a time I have been standing in IKEA stressing over which lamp to buy, or standing in a mirror deciding which color dress I should get.

It can be a nightmare. But everyone has their own style and tastes, so everyone should be free to choose what they want, right? Well, maybe not in all cases, because it seems that we all missed the memo from Ed Gein that 'skin is in.'

Creating himself lots of disgustingly terrifying, stomach-churning furniture and ready-to-wear fashion, he took the freedom of fashion just about a marathon of steps too far.

Ed Gein's House
Ed Gein's House

From bowls and cutlery all the way to gloves, Ed made just about everything from the skin of his victims and the bodies he exhumed from local graveyards.

Not only are the following images NSFW and totally mind-blowingly gross, they also make me want to ask one very important question: How much must his house of smelled?! I mean jeez, he had belts made of nipples for goodness sake.

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Anyway, please take a look at just what Ed found to be the epitome of home decor and fashion chic. Please be aware, the following pictures are extremely graphic. You have been warned!

1. Skin Apron

To not get the suit of human skin you are wearing dirty while you do the housework.

2. Skin Gloves

To keep out the chill of those long winter months.

3. Skin Pants

Because they're all the rage

4. Nipple Belt

To hold up the skin pants, naturally.

5. Face Mask

A relaxing face mask really can bring the stench of death even closer to your nostrils.

6. Tongue Necklace

For the lady in you life, why not buy her this dazzling necklace, I'm sure it will set tongues wagging.

7. Skull Bowl

For your morning bowl of cereal.

8. Assorted Decorations

To brighten the home.

Dazzle your guest with your bone cutlery that goes so well with the bowls made of skulls.

9. Wall Hanging

This decorative art really adds something to the whole 'house of horrors' theme.

10. Skin Box

Wondering what to buy a loved one for Christmas? Why not buy a lovely box made of human skin so they can keep various body parts inside?

11. Skull Candles

Light them to project sinister flickering shadows while you mutilate your next corpse. Add scented candles to hopefully take away a little bit of the stench of death and decaying flesh.

12. Skin Seat

After a long day of tailoring your skin gloves, why not relax...on the skin of others.

Decoration Tips

If you have no space for any more face masks, simply leave them in a box on your bedroom floor, they are sure to give a fright to any guest, or law enforcement officer that happens to come across them.

No time for cleaning because you have a hectic schedule of grave robbing to keep. Just scatter your belongings everywhere to really give the impression you're an absolute psychopath.

And remember, once you get caught, go for the 'a serial killer lived here we must erase all trace' look, and have your house burned to the ground.

One character Ed did influence to create his own skin suit was Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. In the following clip he can be seen putting on his make up, while wearing the scalp of one of his victims. Enjoy!


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