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Disneyland might market itself as "the happiest" place on earth, but when it comes to these chuckle-worthy vacation snaps, maybe "the most hilarious" might be more appropriate!

Whether it's seriously unfortunate camera angles, the fact it's almost impossible to see out of a giant plushie mouse head, or the unpredictability of over-excited kids, Disneyland seems to be ripe with unintentionally side-splitting snaps and below are my picks of the bunch:

9. Dirty Dale

Wait...I thought it was nuts you guys were into?

8. Sticky Icky Mouse

"And then, I had two friends that were, like, totally dogs, but one of them could speak and one couldn't. I was out of this world dude, you have to try this shit.

7. Goatse Casualty

Quick get the forceps, Mickey's in danger!

6. No means no, Mickey

I once kicked Santa right in the balls during a particularly frenzied escape attempt, so I'm not one to judge.

5. Heads Up

Daaaaaad, let's go back to Epcot already, this kingdom smells funny.

4. Beauty and the Beef

Beast has always been an attention whore.

3. I'm Sorry Madam, But I Regret to Inform You...

...That the body of a mouse wearing red shorts has been discovered in a rat trap this afternoon.

2. Stop Staring, Mike!

Well, this takes the whole 'You've Got a Friend in Me' stuff a step further than expected.


Clarice's caboose is clearly inescapably hypnotic.

(Source: Meme Centre, Reddit, Buzzfeed)


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