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There's something about a person vanishing - a sudden disappearance with no explanation - that is deeply worrying. Movies such as The Vanishing and Prisoners act out the emotional distress in the aftermath of a missing person to great effect - but what about those who go missing in real life?

Sadly, even the most high-profile, beloved screen personalities can one day vanish without a trace, sparking panic in their nearest and dearest. These celebrity actors were successful and widely admired, yet still disappeared...

1. Margot Kidder

See her in: Sisters, Superman, Amityville Horror

Missing: April 1996, Kidder vanished. Due to her high profile roles, the public - as well as her friends and family - were deeply concerned.

Outcome: Four days later, Kidder was found in a random person's yard in California with two front teeth missing. She was dishevelled, filthy and confused. She had suffered a severe bipolar episode, believing that the CIA were trying to assassinate her. Fortunately, Kidder received treatment and made a full recovery.

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2. Nick Stahl

Stahl out of costume, and in Sin City (R)
Stahl out of costume, and in Sin City (R)

See him in: Sin City, Carnivale, Terminator 3

Missing: May 2012. His wife Rose grew worried when Nick was out of contact for over a week.

Outcome: Nick emerged from an LA crackhouse and agreed to enter rehab. He actually went missing a second time, too, but was thankfully safely returned.

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3. Andrew Koenig

Koenig as Boner in Growing Pains, and in 2010
Koenig as Boner in Growing Pains, and in 2010

See him in: Growing Pains

Missing: February 14, 2010. Koenig travelled to Vancouver after acting oddly. After leaving for Canada he did not contact family or friends for a worrying amount of time.

Outcome: Tragically, Koenig was found dead in Stanley Park, Vancouver 11 days after he vanished. He had committed suicide by hanging.

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4. Jason Mewes

See him in: Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Missing: 2001. Mewes went AWOL from a court appearance after being arrested on heroin charges.

Outcome: Mewes finally arrived back to society in 2003, attending court and being sent to compulsory rehab for his drug issues.

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