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Ukranian model/real-life Barbie Valeria Lukyanova has recently decided that her incredibly thin frame wasn't the look she wanted to go for anymore.

Tone and muscles are so in right now, and Lukyanova decided to hit the gym and sweat it up to get her bulk on.

Lukyanova wants her strong body to emulate her equally strong mind. She claims that she drew inspiration from the built look of an Amazonian female warrior.

"I want the same magnificent figure. I no longer like my body. It needs some muscle."

And Lukyanova did just that. She focused on her goal and is now sporting some nicely toned abs and some more defined quads.

Just check out those arms! She's starting to get some killer definition.

Lukyanova sparked a lot of controversy when she first appeared rail thin with incredibly plastic-looking facial features. She claims she has only had plastic surgery on her breasts, but many think this is absolutely false.

This Amazonian Barbie follows a strict diet of raw fish and fresh fruit juice and water. She abstains from drinking and smoking.

Whether you think Lukyanova is one fake and plastic Barbie or not, there is something to be admired by the way she is so dedicated to her diet and exercise regime. Her discipline is something I am personally impressed with, as I haven't stepped foot in the gym in a month.

Maybe I need a work out Barbie to keep me motivated. Keep doing you, Valeria!

[Source: Daily Mail]


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