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Just like any girl born into an era when Disney movies reigned supreme, I once dreamed of being a Disney princess - Ariel to be exact. The idea of having a whole grotto filled with trinkets like dinglehoppers and statues just seemed like a pretty cool deal, not to mention she got to marry Prince Eric who is clearly one of the best Disney princes out there.

I imagine that with the crazy success of Frozen there will be thousands of children in the next Disney generation who dream of growing up to be princess Anna or Queen Elsa, and after seeing this very clever breakdown of Frozen scenes, I have to say I can definitely see myself in this movie as well!

Take a look at this little breakdown and see if you can spot a little bit of yourself in princess Anna:

Family obligations

Obviously at the end of the day all you've got is your family, but...omg sometimes they can embarrassing, am I right?! I've definitely pulled this face a few times when I've been at gatherings with older family members.

Hanging with friends

"Our mental synchronization can have but one explanation."

This is me and my best friend summed up in one goofy dance sequence!

Running into mortal enemies

Anna definitely has one of the best "Seriously dude?!" faces I've ever seen.

Spending time with your crush

"Play it cool just play it cool..."

Alone time

Not having to do you hair, makeup or even put on pants? Yep, Anna has totally summed it up.

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