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You want proof that Netflix knows what it's doing with Orange Is the New Black? Here it is! The latest trailer for Season 3 takes a slightly different approach to the one preceding it by summing up the entire series for newcomers to the show!

While the last trailer was full of images from Season 3 and gave hints of storylines to come, this one simply takes it's time, using footage from Season 1 and letting us understand that Piper is in prison for drug smuggling, but is also doing time with her ex lover. Simple as that. Now shut up and watch it!

Why does the trailer do this? Well, it's not just a trailer for Orange is the New Black Season 3, but for the entire show, enticing new comers to catch up before Season 3 begins.

Yeah we know all this!
Yeah we know all this!

Considering the Netflix model of programming, this is a genius move! If other shows this popular promoted their newest season like this, fans would surely decry that they were being deprived more of what they loved. Orange is the New Black is different. It's much more a hang out show, and doesn't hinge on the knowledge of previous storylines... much. Orange is the New Black doesn't want the trailer for Season 3 to be so complex and unfamiliar that potential new fans are turned away.

The entire series is constantly there on Netflix, ready to ploughed through, and this trailer knows that! What's best is that it doesn't go too far the other way, having Piper's voice over explain everything we know. That would make it sound redundant to veterans of the series, and make it sound overly simple to newcomers. Most trailers for shows get me excited for the weeks following their release, but this one particularly gets me riled for June 12th, and maybe 13th if I haven't finished it in 24 hours!

Those Twitter Reviews!

Orange is the New Black Season 3 indulges another strange trend in trailers; forgoing actual reviews and drawing right from the vein of audience reaction; namely, twitter. Normally this would terrify me. The fact I write veritably essays reacting to trailers, while Chris Moyles is used as primary promotion by tweeting two adjectives is kinda disheartening. But hey, this is the future, and if shows want to promote themselves using single words credited to the most vocal platform on the internet, who's to stop them?

Why no Ruby Rose? WHY?
Why no Ruby Rose? WHY?

Orange is the New Black Season 3 also clearly knows not to blow all it's material in it's promotion. There was a distinct lack of impossibly cool Ruby Rose in the latest trailer, and I suspect that it would have just taken too much explaining to properly define her being in the show. Again, dropping a new audience into the midst of heavily contextualised story chases them away, and right now, Netflix is styling itself as the most open and welcoming entity in television!

This trailer is mostly just celebratory, of Orange is the New Black and it's characters. I love this shot of Suzanne looking genuinely cool for once. Then again, who wouldn't look cool with Missy Elliot blasting and tweets saying they love you pasted all over? Answer: Me. Season 3 is also worth watching because thisisamy "LOVE LOVE LOVES IT!" So go follow her now!

This trailer isn't even a victory lap. Orange is the New Black is just sitting by the track with a piña colada, amused by all the other runners exerting themselves. Next up, June 12th!


Does this trailer get make you excited for Orange is the New Black Season 3?


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