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Katrina Stagg

Long luscious locks no more! These celebrities have been given a digital edit you wouldn't expect. Worth1000 ran an art contest with their browser-based photo editing software and the results are awesome.

These leading men and women have been given a bald treatment and they still look amazing! The concept is silly, the results are hilarious and still these celebs manage maintain a high level of attractiveness...color me impressed!

Now for the naked noggins!

1) Big Headed Babe Leonardo DiCaprio

2) Nicole Kidman with a Velvet Vertex

3) Johnny Depp and his Formidable Forehead

4) Julia Roberts with her Satiny Situation

5) Tim Robbins has a Sexy Solemn Scalp

6) Megan Fox has Flawless Fuzz

7) Distinguished Dome Douglas

Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas

8) Reese Witherspoon and her Playful Peak

9) Joaquin Phoenix's Shiny Summit

10) Angelina Jolie Is a Sheared Stunner

11) Bare Bale

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

12) Beefcake Baldy Robert Pattinson

13) Jennifer Aniston and her Patchy Peak

14) Tom Cruise with an Unclad Crown



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