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Growing up, I was always partial to Prince Eric when it came to picking favorite Disney men. That ink black hair, those ocean blue eyes, he was a sea-faring royal and a total dreamboat. But in retrospect, I'm not sure that he's the one I'd choose for my imaginary Disney forever. These days, I'm looking at one of the newer Disney contenders.

Inspired by this post, I'm going to make a list outlining 13 of the reasons why Kristoff from Frozen is the Disney prince we all deserve.

1. He’s exceptionally brave

Where other characters may have panicked, Kristoff just springs into action and takes care of business. Wolves? No problem. Falling off a cliff? We've got this.

2. He’s a hard worker

Starting from a young age, Kristoff knew the importance of hard work.

3. He’s loves what he does for a living

Who else can be that passionate about ice?

4. He’s a little awkward

But in a funny, endearing way!

5. He’s not afraid to be honest

Even though he can be awkward and goofy, he can also be very straightforward and direct when need be. Someone had to tell Anna that her premature nuptials were out of the question.

6. Or to admit when he’s afraid

Sometimes being afraid and acknowledging it helps you overcome it.

7. He loves animals

Talk about the best pet owner around!

8. He doesn’t get self-conscious

He doesn't really care what he looks like or what other people think of him. He knows it's what's on the inside that counts.

9. He's a family man

Even if his family is a group of overbearing rock trolls who sometimes embarrass him, he still loves them.

10. He also doesn’t put people down

Even if he occasionally jokes about it, he doesn't go out of his way to hurt people. He lets them make their own mistakes and learn, rather than forcing people to see things his way.

11. He takes care of the people he cares about

Even if Anna doesn't need him to fight her battles, he's always there for her. When she gets shot in the heart, his first concern is making sure she's alright.

12. He matches Anna’s quirkiness

Like, you know, singing to his pet reindeer. Plus, the man can play an instrument! That's a definite plus.

13. And loves Anna for just who she is and respects her independence

Best of all, he never wants Anna to be anyone else but herself. While some other princes were looking for their perfect bride, Kristoff ended up falling in love with Anna by chance.

Frozen might not be everybody's favorite Disney movie and Kristoff might not be everyone's favorite prince. Still, it's hard to deny that he earned the "charming" part of Prince Charming, even without the royal pedigree.

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