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Samuel Adams

Yesterday Ubsisoft showed off the newest addition to the Assassin's Creed franchise. The new game, titled Assassin's Creed Syndicate, will be set in London during the industrial revolution. This time period was bustling with new technology and the world in general was changing more and more with each passing day.

Along with the official announcement, there was a plethora of other information released such as details about the new assassin... or should I say assassins. Jacob and Evie Frye. It appears that Jacob is going to be the main protagonist, but Evie and Jacob are twins so I am predicting that they will have a strong influence on the actions of each other. Especially in the trailer there is a sense that Jacob relies on instinct and spur of the moment reactions to guide his course while Evie thinks deeply on how the consequences might shape the future. If that is in fact how the story is going to work, you can expect some sibling rivalry and witty humor riddled throughout. Check out the official gameplay for yourself below.

The gameplay is pre-alpha, so many of the issues that I particularly have with it will most likely be remedied by the time the game comes out on October 23rd. take a minute or two to see what I have to say about the footage! I'll see you in London this fall.


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