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Even Superman himself, Henry Cavill isn't calling Batman vs Superman a sequel to Man of Steel. The first teaser trailer makes a pretty good case for the movie being at least a thematic sequel to Man of Steel - with that movie having introduced Superman's power to the world and Batman vs Superman being a direct response to that display. Lex Luthor is hard at work manipulating public opinion and the US government is running scared in a fashion that won't be too dissimilar to what we'll see is the world's reaction to superhuman destruction in Captain America: Civil War.

From Lex Luthor to Darkseid

It's interesting that Batman vs Superman is starting things off at this point - with the public and world powers unsure of what to make of someone with the kind of abilities that Superman has and Lex Luthor pitting the two biggest heroes against each other. DC is looking like it will be purposeful in setting up a relationship between the government and superheroes and villain with Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad - and that is a great way to start things off.

One of the trickiest things to do when building a new movie universe is setting all the big picture rules and regulations and it is clear that with their first two movies, after the world preview of Man of Steel, are laying the ground rules for what kind of environment these characters are going to be living in and what kind of response we can expect to the actions that take place in this universe.

Concept art for the Superman proof armored Batsuit.
Concept art for the Superman proof armored Batsuit.

From Suicide Squad to Justice League

You can give Marvel all the credit that you want for how successful they've been at building their universe over the past ten years or so - but up to this point there's still the head scratching fact that pretty much everyone around the world in the Marvel movies seems to be hunky dory with the fact that there's an indestructible God of Thunder that shoots down from the sky every once and a while to wield other-worldly power. It does look like Captain America 3 will finally be getting to the inevitable response to this kind of crazy scenario - but it is actually a smart move for Batman vs Superman to start off at this point.

With Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor, you already have two of the most powerful and richest guys in the DC world establishing themselves. Lex Luthor is the perfect villain to introduce in Batman vs Superman and the more we hear about how he's being used as the movie's antagonist - the cooler he sounds. But from the sounds of things we might also be seeing some opposition from the government as well in both Batman vs Superman and Suicide Squad.

Batman hides himself on the set of Suicide Squad.
Batman hides himself on the set of Suicide Squad.

Heroes, Villains and What's to Come

Marvel has used Hydra to great ends in building their universe and DC has different ways it might go when it comes to creating a unifying threat - the kind that might emerge in Justice League. Batman arguably has the best known DC villains and with Suicide Squad, DC and Warner Bros are making sure audiences will familiarise themselves with the colorful villains in this universe. But here's hoping that Batman vs Superman sets Lex Luthor up to become the kind of universe threat that he's known to be in the comic books. Luthor and Darkseid are perhaps the two best possible choices for the kind of unifying villain that could pose a threat across the board for all of DC's superheroes.

Will Batman vs Superman be the perfect opening to the DC movie universe? It certainly seems like it is telling the perfect story to establish just about everything it needs to in order to get an superhero universe up and running. The only thing that the DC universe looks like it is saving for later is the interstellar part of their universe. The Green Lantern reboot will wait as will the story behind Darkseid and the New Gods - but if there's one thing that seems like a safe bet for the Justice League movie, it's this important element to the DC big picture.

What do you think? How has the early looks at [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) been treating you? What kind of DC movie universe are you looking forward to? Hit the comments section with your hopes and dreams, dear reader!


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