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Doesn't it all look pretty good at this point for the Flash? There is something fishy going on.

Barry initially said that Wells was a thousand moves ahead of him, and I think that this is the case here as well.

Yes... I am smarter than you.
Yes... I am smarter than you.

So, what is Wells plan? It's simple, he means to get captured, and he will escape. Except this time he will have the element of surprise. Added bonus for him Arrow, and Firestorm are out of the picture again.

Now I have three theories.

The first one is much less likely but I'll say or rather write my piece anyway.

Theory 1

Caitlin is a traitor!

Doesn't it feel like the Reverse Flash has been one step ahead of the gang this whole time? Well... maybe because theres been an inside man all along. Think about it Wells could have offered her any number of things, like for example making her husband normal again. Also wouldn't it be awesome to see the betrayal and everything that will go down once she turns. I for one would love to see it.

Theory 2

Do you remember that power source on the professors wheel chair? It is why he's much much faster than the Flash, but what if not only his speed has improved but his other powers as well?

One of is powers is the power of intangibility. Which means he can literally pass through stuff. Could the power source have double his powers of intangibility causing him to just pass through his cell, and escape? I know Cisco might modify it, but please keep in mind we don't know that much about the extent of his powers. Remember he got out once before as well?

Theory Three

Grodd comes back. We know they are close, we know Grodd considers him family. So why would this not be the plan all along. Grodd using his might will bust into Star Labs and break the cell holding the Reverse Flash.

The plot can thicken from there. But anyway I feel this is the least likeliest option since we just saw Grodd, and I doubt the show will bring him back so early.

So what do you think did the Reverse Flash want to get captured?


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