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Did anyone noticed this fight scene from the Netflix Marvel's Daredevil TV show, episode 3. I was watching this show and during this fight scene i saw a plot for the back story of the character Daredevil.Link for the video is given below. Look closely this video and at 1:14, you would see something yellow that he has wore inside the black is yellow. surely gives me the instant reference to the classic Daredevil #3 and 4 in which he wore yellow and brown costume designed by the great Stan Lee and Bill Everett, with a billy club holster.there was a hood on the back, to hold street clothes, but it was torn and removed from the costume.Early issues had one 'D' on chest, then 'DD' later on.

Daredevil Yellow, the mini-series, revealed that the original material of the costume was made of Jack Murdock's boxing robe.

This costume lasted until issue #6, although it made a reappearance when Matt/Jack Batlin was having an identity crisis.

Although the TV show focuses on the later graphic novels of the character but seeing things like it gives us a hope for the imagination we can create in our own minds.Lets see what comes in season 2.


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