ByWong Hon Fung, writer at
Wong Hon Fung

When I search on you tube ,yahoo or google,I found nothing but videos that are in key-words of '............explained' or '.................preview',and what is the cause of people explaining the movies,scenes or data,is that,my friends,Marvel is becoming more and more complicated,and everybody have to do some 'homework' before seeing the movies.And that may be the cause of the loss of fans.

I am a huge friend of marvel,and I am not complaining that Marvel's films are bad,I am saying that people who like Marvel is like studying ''Marvelogy'',a subject for ''Marvellists''.

Perhaps u like Marvel is that it is so complicated,I think that every time we watch movies,we have to think what is this and what is that and it is too complicated.

Perhaps u think that finding missing pieces of the movies is fun,I think that Marvel is spending too less time on some subjects like Klaw,Red Skull,and the Infinity Gems in Phase 3.

I am not complaining, and I am just point out that why it is so complicated for people that don't have much knowledge of Marvel and why we have to explain every movie and data of Marvel.

If u have any comments,u can tell me below.


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