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If you're keeping up to speed on all the tantalizing teases that X-Men Apocalypse director Bryan Singer has been steadily releasing from his magical Instagram account you've probably witnessed the image of Charles Xavier, Professor X himself, James McAvoy going under the blade. By that I mean, getting his head carefully shaved by a trained professional in order to finally transform into the shiny domed dude we've all come to know and love in the comic books and in the form of Sir Patrick Stewart in the previous X-Men movies.

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So what does this transformation mean? Well, it's hard to say as from everything we've gathered about X-Men Apocalypse prior to now has seen Bryan Singer alternating between playing fast & loose with the X-Men mythology and doing his best to reset things to more strict adhere to certain character's comic book origins. But there could be two big Professor X storylines that could easily see a merging in X-Men Apocalypse.

Age of Apocalypse & X-Cutioner's Song

One thing that makes speculating about X-Men Apocalypse a bit tricky is Marvel's well established alternate universes in the comic books and the fuzziness surrounding what exactly Bryan Singer and Simon Kinberg have established already with X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past and what they have planned for the grand finale in Apocalypse. But what they've done so far makes for the perfect introduction, and possible melding, to both the obvious Age of Apocalypse storyline and the one found in the big X-Cutioner's Song crossover event.

Professor X takes a hit in X-Cutioner's Song.
Professor X takes a hit in X-Cutioner's Song.

In both of these storylines an attempt is made on the life of Professor X. Now this in and of itself doesn't really explain why Charles Xavier would suddenly go bald in the X-Men Apocalypse movie - in the comic books he lost his hair at a very young age and it was simply referred to as a side-effect of his mutant brain powers. But the attempt on the life of Charles Xavier is what kicks off both of these stories and in Age of Apocalypse, having Professor X out of the picture plays a big reason why the character of Apocalypse makes his big move on world domination.

How Professor X Lost His Hair

As far as establishing why Professor X would go bald in this movie universe - a near death experience could be exactly what is called for. Both X-Men First Class and Days of Future Past have been heavily focused, and rightly so, on telling the story of mutant rights and mirroring the Civil Rights Movement of America just as the classic X-Men comic books had. And we're at the point where Charles Xavier is primed to be a big spokesperson for the movement and possibly being in the spotlight on a national and world level for his cause.

The assassination of Charles Xavier gets plotted.
The assassination of Charles Xavier gets plotted.

And it is at this point in X-Cutioner's Song, while Professor X is on stage giving a speech that an assassination attempt is made by injecting him with a mysterious virus. Perhaps the kind of virus that could cause him to loose all his hair? This could also be the kind of assassination attempt that could prompt Apocalypse to see the perfect opportunity to take action - or, even more likely, it could be that Apocalypse and his Horsemen are the one's behind the assassination attempt - they played a big role in the events of X-Cutioner's Song. It could also make for a prime opportunity to introduce Cable as well...

In the Age of Apocalypse storyline it was all a big accident that resulted in Professor X's son traveling back in time trying to kill Magneto that ended up with Xavier dead. Seeing as adhering to this storyline would essentially put James McAvoy out of commission for the duration - X-Cutioner's Song makes a lot of sense as being the perfect solution on how to keep elements of the comic books alive in this bizarro alternate world the movies have created - as well as a great way to establish how Charles Xavier got his chrome dome!

What do you think? Is it too far fetched? Is X-Cutioner's Song the perfect storyline to incorporate into X-Men Apocalypse? Take to the comments and tell your own tale of how Professor X looses his hair!


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