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Today is the last day we'll have to second guess about whether Elena Gilbert will live or die in her Vampire Diaries exit, but her prognosis doesn't look good in the promo video below.

While Elena might have cheated death hundreds of times, it looks like there might not be any way out for the now fragile human this time, although there is still hope. Check out the season finale promo below and see what I mean:

The one thing that puzzles me here is Damon psyching himself up to spend sixty years without Elena. Does that mean that she will flee and they will reunite again when she is in her 80s or have I totally missed the boat on this one?

One thing's for sure, I have prepped my sofa nest with tissues and comfort eating fodder for tomorrow nights episode because no matter what happens, it's going to be the end of Delena.


Do you want Elena to survive in The Vampire Diaries?

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