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There could be a whole heap of trouble on the horizon for notorious mess Lindsay Lohan, as it has become clear that the actress has 17 days (not including weekends) to complete 115 hours of community service or she will go back to jail! Currently, she has worked off just 9 hours and 45 minutes of the total 125 hours sentence.

While it doesn't seem impossible that the actress could put in an effort of a seven-hour working day for 17 days to complete her sentence, it does seem unlikely as, according to The Daily News, Lohan failed to turn up to her first day of community service work at Duffield Children's center:

Lohan, who has lived in London since late last year to perform in the David Mamet play “Speed the Plow,” landed in New York Tuesday afternoon, forcing school officials at Duffield Children’s Center in Fort Greene to fumble for excuses to explain the star’s absence on her first day of class.
The tardiness left a source familiar with Lohan’s predicament “speechless,” especially considering the actress claimed she was “home in nyc” in social media posts Monday—even though she was most likely still in London.

Oh, Lindsay!

The social media post in question was this one below:

"Happy to be home in nyc with my family and friends. Missed this place. ready to help"

Hmm, that Union Jack guitar does seem to hint she's still in London...

Hopefully Lohan can get back on track to working off her community service hours when she actually begins at the children's center today, (or whenever she feels like it). You can do it Lindsay!

Source: Gawker


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