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Beguiling British actress Cara Delevingne continues to make me feel terrible about myself, having already become a supermodel, starred in an Oscar nominated film and lent her voice to Grand theft Auto V, all at the ripe old age of 22!

Like a kick in my underachieving teeth, she can now add "playing a badass sci-fi heroine in the new Luc Besson movie" to that esteemed bucket list. The movie is called and the City of a Thousand Planets, and is based on the popular French graphic novel of the same name.

The ever endearing Besson, the film’s director, writer and producer, broke his Twitter virginity in order to break the exciting news to the world:

You'll know Besson as the French mastermind behind Leon, The Fifth Element and Lucy. Hopefully he can reproduce some of that moviemaking magic for this romp in space, starring...

Delevingne and DeHaan will play a pair of time-traveling agents named Valerian and Laureline who “help defend a utopian 28th Century Earth and its neighboring planets from bad guys,” according to Deadline.

Valerian isn’t due to hit screens until 2017, but we do have a logo already:

It doesn't tell us much, but with the announced talent on board, I'm confident this'll be one to watch!

[Source: MTV]


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