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I tried playing violin when I was in the fifth grade and I have to say I wanted to rip out all of my hair. It is one of the most beautiful instruments (when played correctly), as well as one of the most difficult instruments to learn.

Imagine my delight upon seeing this one fan of

named Chris DeCesare perform this stunning violin piece as a tribute to the season finale of the dramatic and sexy show.

Oh, how the sweet yet melancholy sound that he emits from his violin really pulls on my heartstrings.

This song titled "A Drop in the Ocean" by Ron Pope was featured in Season 3, and completely captures the mood we'll all be feeling after the finale.

Check out the teaser trailer below:

The true, sweet love between Elena and Stefan is just as beautiful and tender as any violin song, and I can't wait to see how everything in the show resolves.

For now, I'll listen to DeCesare's captivating strings play "A Drop in the Ocean" on repeat for now.


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