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On last nights episode of 'The Flash', a sympathetic Barry tries to save the meta-humans from a reactivated particle accelerator. They end up biting the hand that feeds them and escape with the treacherous aid of Leonard Snart/Captain Cold. In a confrontation before releasing the meta-humans, Cold and Barry swap words.

Uh-Oh! 'Disappeared' you say? Sounds familiar. Like the origin of everyone's favorite Emerald Knight Of Oa, Hal Jordan. Green Lantern has been teased numerously throughout this season with Barry visiting 'Coast City' and using 'Ferris Air' as his running grounds. The show-runners have teased the possibility of Green Lantern popping up on either series ('Arrow' and/or 'The Flash'). With the DC Cinematic Universe ever expanding, it is unknown whether they could even use the character with his film slated to be released on 2020. Personally, I hope so, but I don't know how he could possibly shine on a television budget. Then again, who knows? Technology is getting easier to achieve and cheaper. I mean, in the previous ep. they fought a telepathic gorilla. At this point, anything is possible.

Would you like for Hal Jordan to appear in the DC TV universe? If so, who would you cast to play him?


Do You Want Hal Jordan?


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