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Season 2 of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD wrapped up last night in an epic, 2 hour show filled with action, suspense and even some romance. I was very pleased with the show overall. It finished up some story lines while creating more for the next season which I already cannot wait for!


We know that the Inhumans will be getting their own movie in 2019 and from the looks of it, Skye is their new leader. It took a lot for Skye to realize that her mother, Jiaying, was a manipulative inhuman who sucked the life out of countless people to heal herself as her inhuman power. It took for her to see her mother kill Reina to truly believe it. Skye, whose ulterior motive to even joining SHIELD was to find her parents, almost had to kill her mother. Her father, Cal, after finally realizing the monster his wife was, took that burden away from Skye by killer Jiaying himself.

We also saw Lincoln choose a side. One of my favorite parts of the show was when he told Skye not to hurt the other inhumans because they were mislead, not evil. I'm very interested to see how the inhumans will be incorporated into the next season. As Skye said, they can't be out there like the Avengers. They need to be kept quiet while still helping in SHIELD missions.

I have so many questions about what SHIELD did to Cal. He no longer recognized Skye and own his own veterinary practice. We learn from Coulson that he was part of the T.A.H.I.T.I project, the same one Agent Coulson was a part of when he was brought back from the dead. We all know that Coulson eventually remembered what happened to him so does that mean Cal will too? He did eventually become good but when he realizes his memory was wiped will he go after SHIELD and his daughter? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Fitz and Simmons

Just when I finally thought we were getting a Fitz-Simmons romance, BOOM, she's gone and no one knows where. This was a shocker for me. I did notice that Fitz seemed to bump into or press something on the lock on the cage of the alien artifact that Mack wisely stated they would NEVER OPEN. But what does this mean for Jemma? If no one even saw her get sucked into this thing how is she possibly going to get out?

May and Andrew

One thing Agent May is not known for is opening up but we certainly saw her do so to her ex, Andrew, a SHIELD psychologist. Maybe not thinking that she'd make it out of the battle with the Inhumans, May calls Andrew to tell him there are things she wished she'd said to him. This new side of her was great to see. Without being too sappy, she showed us that she is very capable of loving and realizing she made a mistake with her ex-husband. We last see may packing up for some time off with Andrew, maybe to a nice island or somewhere warm. We are reminded that May still might have some trust issues as she goes back to her locker to grab her gun and place it in her bag.

Bobbi and Hunter

I can't say I didn't see that coming. With the history that Bobbi and Hunter had, there was no way she was going to let him die trying to save her. We did hear her tell Hunter that she couldn't do it anymore. It is clear she was talking about being a SHIELD agent. She went from being on an undercover mission inside Hydra to lying to Coulson and Hunter about being part of Gonzalez's version of SHIELD to getting tortured by Ward and Kara and eventually getting shot through her back. And that's just where she came into the picture let alone her past with Hunter and her experiences with SHIELD. I know that Hunter still loves her despite her differences but does that mean he will leave SHIELD with Bobbi? It seems like the team is slowly disappearing so it'll be interesting to see what happens with them.


Could Ward really be the one to bring the last of the members of Hydra together and be their leader? Ward did have tough break in this episode. He shot Kara, disguised as May which he genuinely seemed to be upset about (but can you ever really tell with Ward?). For me it seemed like he was playing Kara the entire time and using her to get back in with SHIELD and mess with them but this episode certainly made it seem like he really cared about her. I'm mostly wondering if there are any Hydra people left that we have already seen in the series. Please let me know in the comments!


Poor Coulson. Always getting into some sort of trouble because if his selflessness. We saw what happened to Tripp, Gonzalez and countless other victims when they touched or inhaled the terrigen crystals. It wasn't pleasant. By catching the crystal thrown (dropped?) by Gordon, he saved Mack and Fitz from dying, at the expense of his arm that Mack had enough sense to chop off with the ax he had been carrying around (***gif at end of this section is fairly graphic***).

I'm wondering what will happen to Coulson's arm. One possibility would be Helen Cho's Cradle machine which we saw in Avengers Age of Ultron. According to the MCU wiki page on the Cradle, "it s a medical device that can heal wounds by re-growing skin tissue and can also be used to create synthetic skin tissue." In the movie they used it to heal an injured Hawkeye so who knows. I mean they brought Coulson back from the dead. I'm thinking they can make some sort of new arm for him, even if it is something robotic such as Deathlock's arm. Or maybe he'll keep his stub as a reminder of the danger of alien artifacts like he said at the end of the episode when he explained he appreciated Mack's fear of it and would put him in charge of the thing that sucked up Simmons at the very end of it.


Other Implications

The last scene of the season finale was really a shocker. We saw the terrigen crystals that were put on the quinjet Skye blasted off the ship at the bottom of the ocean, dissolving in the water, being eaten by fish which were then caught and distributed in fish oil. This is huge. Anyone who takes that fish oil will either be changed like Skye was or killed like Tripp and Gonzalez. It will be interesting to see how that plays out and what Coulson and the team may have to do to stop people from being killed.

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