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Not to fear, the above image is not a representation of the real-life Reaper! But seeing as fans of the Mass Effect series are naturally fascinated by science, technology and unknown spaces, I thought that NASA's latest fund might interest you guys. Mainly because it really does look like a Reaper - we really should warn them of the ramifications for building such a malicious machine!

The image below depicts one of the extraordinary creations that NASA may be funding in the years to come, but wait until you hear what they're planning to do with it! Seriously if Mass Effect 4 had anything this cool, the game would get an instant pre-order! Take a look at the Reaper-like beast below and marvel at the future of space exploration.

NASA and Mass Effect Are One!
NASA and Mass Effect Are One!

Mass Effect 4 Won't Have Anything As Cool As NASA's Reaper!

This design came out of the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) programme, which has elected 15 designs which they hope will revolutionise space exploration. This particular creature was designed by entree Fellow Mason Peck, who has borrowed the look of a giant squid for an amazing machine. This Reaper-like creature looks like something that could explore the darkest depths of our seas. But it won't be roaming our planet!

This rover has the potential to explore planets better than Mass Effect's Mako could ever hope to achieve! Looks like you have some changes to make for Mass Effect 4, Bioware. This amazing device resembles a squid, with tentacle-like structures that harvest power from locally changing magnetic fields. But there plan is to send this to planets that have potentially explorable seas!

Jupiter's Icy Moon, Europa
Jupiter's Icy Moon, Europa

One example is Jupiter's icy moon, Europa. Imagine what they could uncover in the depths of the seas on foreign planets. Personally, I think they should check out what's at the bottom of ours first, but no matter - space is awesome! The research teams that were selected will each get about $100,000 to perform initial analyses; they can then apply for a Phase 2 award, which is worth an additional $500,000 and funds two more years of development.

The idea of a Reaper-like structure exploring space may only be a few decades down the road people! But until then, I guess there's always Mass Effect 4. Allegedly it was a difficult process to simply pick 15 candidates from all of the entries that the competition had. But some of them even have the potential to generate a new form of energy from moons! Seriously, space exploration is unbelievable, and that's why we love Mass Effect!



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