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Where shall I start?

I first ran into this movie whilst on Facebook. The name "Clown" gave me expectations that this would be a somewhat decent movie. The trailer also gave me those expectations too.

Oh boy, was I wrong.

I couldn't help but laugh at this movie. It started off okay but I giggled way too much for something that was meant to be taken seriously.

When the costume was stuck on him and it wouldn't come off? I thought that was hilarious. So many things couldn't cut through the suit and he ends up cutting his wrist.

And how the wig became his hair? That was great, his wife asking him if got a perm. I giggled way too much again. Then he died his hair. Yes. Perfect for something to giggle at more.

His nose. I freaked a little at first but cracked up laughing as it came off and the dog ate it. Best.

As it went on you find that he is always extremely hungry, eating everything in the kitchen. Loved it.

Eventually he finds out that he craves blood and it's the blood of children that he needs! Gosh!

The old man that says the only way to stop this demon inside the costume is by killing the man himself. The old mans attempts of killing him? Made me giggle my butt off.

The scene at the kids play centre did concern me a little, I thought that maybe this scene might get me.

I was wrong, yet again.

The kid that disappears in the ball pit. I giggled.

The scene in the tunnels. When the boy's brother slides away quietly as 'clown' takes him. Got me a little but then I giggled again.

Oh! And the boy that was killed in his home...Hahahaha yes. That was great.

The movie goes on with telling you that the only way they can get the man back is by giving the demon one child per month. Seems like a good deal to me. The wife also thinks this is a good idea too...well only because her son was threatened to be killed. But you know, so she finds a child. Does the logical thing and drives into the middle of nowhere. Dropping the child off, leaving her outside the car screaming. The wife obviously becomes a whimp and lets the girl back into the car.

The wife and son eventually kill the demon and also their husband/dad. His head comes off, which is pretty cool. But still, if this movie was meant to be taken seriously...4/10.

If it was a horror comedy? 6/10.

Just wasn't really that impressed.


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