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Following a game like GTA V is going to be a serious challenge for every other open-world game out there. However, Rockstar will most likely be under the most immense degree of pressure they've experienced in their career. GTA V is a sublime achievement and its online component still has me engaged after almost 3 years of updates. But how can GTA 6 expand on this formula, while still functioning within the limiting capabilities of the PS4 and XBOX One consoles?

It's a tough one for sure, but we have some ideas of how certain elements could be improved. But would players consider it a massive step back if Rockstar made the map for GTA 6 smaller than that of GTA V - but with the loss of the size of the map, we'd be able to venture inside of every single building as far as the eye can see? Would complete interiors interest you for its release date?


GTA 6 - Smaller Map, But Complete Interiors for Release Date

Rockstar are wildly famous for their exceptional design behind an aspect of games that a lot of developers overlook: NPCs. The interactions between the lead characters and the simple folk that we pass on the streets of Los Santos are ingenious. Whether they flip the bird, remark on your driving, call the police or drunkenly knock into you, they are a lot of fun to stand back and observe.

Now imagine if Rockstar took that to unprecedented heights, and had the level of interaction that we get in clothes stores in GTA V in almost every single building in the game. We could walk into apartment blocks we don't live in and be questioned; find small laundromats and mess with peoples clothes; we could wander into some old ladies house and sit down on the couch with her. There could be so many possibilities - but naturally, the size of the map would have to take a hit in order for this to be possible on consoles.


On this topic, you can check out a video below of some of the interiors that Rockstar cut from the released version of GTA V. A mod has made them available for us all to see as well as helpfully marking them on our map! But it shows that Rockstar removed the option in several areas, perhaps to improve performance. Therefore, it's clear that even in its current state, the technology isn't ready for a lot of interiors - but maybe in 4 years it will be.

So what do you think GTA fans? If the map in GTA 6 became smaller but you could walk into every interior space in the game, would you want that? Or does more room to drive around take precedent over interiors? Be sure to let us know what you want from GTA 6 on release date in the comments!


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