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We recently found out that Marvel is looking at a small group of indie-comedy writers and directors to take the helm of the big 2017 solo reboot for Peter Parker and Spider-Man. The shortlist included the guys behind Pitch Perfect, 50/50 & Warm Bodies, Napoleon Dynamite, St. Vincent and the upcoming Vacation sequel/spin-off. Along with this news, there was inclusion of some very curious information about the plans that Sony and Marvel have for our intrepid, and seemingly perpetually teenaged, web-slinger.

John Hughes Does Spider-Man?

Deadline reported this shortlist of contenders to the Spider-Man director's throne and added that the tone the studios are looking for in the movie is big superhero action alongside "John Hughes humor and emotion". It makes you wonder what kind of John Hughes humor and emotion they have in mind...

  • Sixteen Candles, or Sinister Sixteen Candles?
  • Pretty in Pink: Peter Parker is forced to make his first Spider-Man outfit out of the drapes?
  • Breakfast Club: Peter and Harry Osborn hash out their differences in detention?
  • Peter Parker's Day Off: Peter, Harry and Gwen Stacy play hookey, learning life lessons while avoiding being caught by Principal Mysterios.
  • Uncle Ben: Peter Parker is constantly embarrassed by his oafish Uncle Buck, I mean Uncle Ben. Until one fateful day...
  • Home Alone: Lost in Midtown: Aunt May and Uncle Ben leave Peter on his own for a weekend and the bumbling Electro and Hobgoblin get caught in a series of elaborate web traps while trying to defeat the web slinger.

Ok, enough of that... It's true that John Hughes did write many generation defining movies focusing on teenagers, and a few of them could maybe find their way as to being relatable to the romantic and friendship struggles of a high school Peter Parker - but what's more troubling is the insinuation that Sony and Marvel may be planning on pulling a Harry Potter in Hogwarts move for the new Spider-Man movies and having 3 or 4 movies each focusing on a new year of high-school.

The Five Year Spider-Man Plan

You'll never escape these halls, Peter Parker!
You'll never escape these halls, Peter Parker!

It might just be my own wish to see Peter Parker get out of high school, but there could be something to the less than enthusiastic response to the Amazing Spider-Man movies hitting the reset button after we saw three Tobey Maguire movies take him from high school to juggling job and relationship responsibilities. I can understand Sony and Marvel wanting to put that transition on screen again - but keeping Peter in high school for three or four movies could easily end up being monotonous.

On the other hand, I can see some arguments for this - aside from the fact that this model worked well for Harry Potter (though let's face it Hogwarts is a lot more interesting that Midtown High School even if the science teacher turns out to be a monster). Having a geeky, teenaged superhero in the Marvel universe makes for a great change of pace against the big and bulky guys like Captain America, Thor, etc. And the actual amount of time passing between movies like the first two Avengers isn't exactly crystal clear - there could be logistical timing reasons requiring Peter Parker to stay in high school if they end up starting him out as a sophomore or something.

Welcome back to high school, Peter Parker!
Welcome back to high school, Peter Parker!

Peter Parker & the Prisoner of Midtown High

So if Spider-Man is indeed showing up as a baby-faced Asa Butterfield type in Captain America: Civil War, the first Spider-Man movie and his subsequent Avengers appearances could see him preparing to juggle the responsibility of high school and friendships with that of being an essential member of the new Avengers. And the time between Captain America 3 and Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 is looking to be shrinking with each update that comes out about how connected these movies are.

By now we probably shouldn't do too much second guessing when it comes to Marvel's grand plans - but I don't think I'm alone in wanting to finally see Peter Parker be able to grow up and learn about those real world responsibilities, the higher stakes of juggling a job, a relationship, paying rent and being Spider-Man (and an Avenger!) - and most importantly be able to once again see J. K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson. Don't make us wait until Spectacular Spider-Man 5 before getting a chance to see all that.

What do you think? What kind of three Spider-Man movie plan would you like to see Marvel put together? Tell us your favorite setting for Peter Parker and Spider-Man and where you'd like to see Marvel and Sony take the character in the comments section below!


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