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So we all know that Thanos is the mad Titan who has been a sort of puppet master in many of the Marvel movies so far who is trying to collect the six Infinity Stones so he can, well, we don't quite know why he wants them yet. We also know that of the six Infinity Stones, only four have been revealed: The Space Gem (the Tesseract), the Reality Gem (the Aether), the Power Gem (the Orb) and the Mind Gem (the Scepter).

The other two are still unknown. We have seen nothing of them and have no clue when or where they will pop up. We can only assume that they will be the Time Gem and the Soul Gem, like in the comics. Recently, however, I realized something big that may give us the location of one of the remaining two Infinity Stones...

Thanos Already Has An Infinity Stone!!!

Now bear with me on this one. We have to start by thinking back 3 years to 2012's The Avengers when Loki led an attack on Earth to try to retrieve the Tesseract as instructed by Thanos. He was given a scepter to use in his battles by the Other, Thanos's now deceased assistant. Recently, during Age of Ultron, the predictions that this scepter was secretly an Infinity Stone were confirmed as true. So now it's time to think....

...Would Thanos really give an Infinity Stone to some lost Frost Giant adopted by an Asgardian King on the 50/50 chance that he would bring back another Stone in return if Thanos only had one Stone to begin with?...

Thanos is usually overly-confident when it comes to sending people to hunt down Infinity Stones, at least from what we can tell. At the same time, however, he's not an idiot. I highly doubt that Thanos, the "most powerful being in the universe," would be stupid enough to go 'Double-or-Nothing' with the Infinity Stones by giving away the only one he had if it means he might get one back. If Thanos only had the Mind Gem, wouldn't he have just gone for the Tesseract himself instead of risking losing the only gem he had? The only logical reason for Thanos sending the Mind Gem with Loki would be if he already had a different Infinity Stone of his own. Now there's no proof that Thanos had more than the Mind Gem at the start of the film, but it is something that I'm willing to gamble on. However, there' s more!

Why would Thanos pull out his gauntlet if he had nothing to put in it?

*nerds squeel across the theater*
*nerds squeel across the theater*


At the end of Age of Ultron, we see Thanos pulling his Infinity Gauntlet out of a very strongly protected compartment of some sort. He then says the spine-chilling line "Fine, I'll do it myself." This Gauntlet, as many already know, is where Thanos will store his Infinity Stones. But my question is why would he pull it out and say those words if he had nothing to put in it. As far as we know, the Gauntlet is powerless without the Infinity Stones. So if Thanos is now determined to do "it" himself and he pulls out the Gauntlet to do "it", wouldn't he need something to power it?

I highly doubt that Thanos only pulled the Gauntlet out just so he could wear it around as a decorative glove. I also doubt that he is just trying it on to make sure it fits, unless he was talking to the designer of the Gauntlet who told him "I don't know if it fits your hand. You have to figure it out" to which Thanos would reply "Fine. I'll do it myself." That doesn't seem likely either.

It's a safe bet, in my opinion, that the only reason why Thanos actually put his Gauntlet on is because he was finally going to use it for what it was designed for: holding Infinity Stones. Which means that he must already have at least one Infinity Stone for the Gauntlet to hold, otherwise why would he pull it out?

Of course, there's also the possibility that he is just being like Timmy Turner's Dad in The Fairly OddParents.

Bu then there's also...

Marvel being smart about their movies

Of the eleven Marvel movies so far, five of them have had an Infinity Stone play a major role. The problem? In each movie, they pretty much had to reexplain its purpose. As much as we may be in awe over the Infinity Stones right now, I doubt we will be able to sit through anymore explanations of what they are or seeing them play such an enormous role in every single movie until Infinity War. Eventually, if you have every Marvel movie being about the bad guy hunting down an Infinity Stone, it will get pretty annoying. Much like how if you have every Pirates of the Caribbean about hunting down the same treasure every time, it will just begin to get old.

I trust Marvel Studios a lot in their innovative styles of film-making. I don't think they will have two new movies about two new Infinity Stones in addition to other movies about the current four Stones bouncing around. I'm sure they will pop up somehow, but if Doctor Strange follows the same path as Cap 1, and The Inhumans follows the same path as Guardians of the Galaxy, all surrounding a villain with an Infinity Stone, I may start to lose a little hope in the movies.

An easy way to work around overdoing the Infinity Stones is by tying in that Thanos already has at least one. Besides, if he doesn't already have one, why is he such an enormous threat?

But what about Thor's vision?

It's Thor's bath time!
It's Thor's bath time!

Though this scene may have been confusing for some, it was truly epic for people like me. Thor, after starting to see something unusual from Scarlet Witch's vision, travels to the Water of Sights to look deeper into this vision. From here, he sees the truth about the Infinity Stones and discovers that someone (Thanos) is trying to retrieve them. During the final part of that scene, we see the four Stones we know of so far being opened from their case (The Power Stone being opened from the Orb, etc.). He also says later that four of the stones have been accessed. So if only four have been accessed, that means that Thanos does not have the other two, right?

Not necessarily. The only Stones that Thor actually saw were the ones that were released from their cases. Had he gone to the Water of Sights five minutes earlier in the film, he would have only seen three because the Mind Stone had not yet been accessed by Ultron opening the Scepter. Also, the fact that the Mind Gem is shown coming from the jewel of the Scepter shows more about Thanos. Since Thanos already had the Scepter and knew there was an Infinity Stone inside but still did not open it, who's to say that he doesn't already have another one that he also has not opened yet? In other words, Thanos already has one of the Stones but has not opened it from its protective case. That is how Thor had overlooked it.

So what Infinity Stone might Thanos have?

Assuming that Thanos currently has only one Infinity Stone, it can either be the Time Gem or the Soul Gem, as far as we can tell. So which one could it be?

The Time Gem is, in my opinion, the least likely possibility. The Time Gem is one of the more useful Stones, giving the user power over time. One of its effects is the ability to age or de-age a person, which could explain Thanos's long life, as we assume he has in the MCU like he does in the comics. However, it also gives the user total control over the past, present and future. This does not seem like something Thanos has just yet because he would just keep repeating the Battle of New York until Loki comes out on top and gives him back the Scepter along with the Tesseract, along with countless other recreations of battles. I'm sure we will see this Gem at some point, but I don't think Thanos has it just yet.

That leaves the Soul Gem. This Gem, known for being on Adam Warlock's head in the comics, is best known for its ability to capture people's souls (and bodies) to trap them inside of the Gem. It also allows the user to temporarily steal the abilities of others (for example, if Thanos confronted Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, he would have the ability to swing from a web, climb walls, etc.). This seems like the most likely option for Thanos. Perhaps he even has an entire army trapped inside of the Gem that he is just waiting to unleash in the case of an attack.

Or maybe he has both already! This would make the movies a lot simpler, but it would also mean that Thanos has the Time Gem, which really narrows the odds of the Avengers' survival.

But what do you think? Does Thanos already have an Infinity Stone? If so, which one? Or does he have both already? Let me know in the comments! :)


Does Thanos already have an Infinity Stone?


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