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Last week, Mad Max: Fury Road made this world just a bit more bad ass. Here's what MP Creators had to say about the film:

Fury Road Scene Clips (Tommy DePaoli) Give us the GIFs. Forever & always <3

Fury Road Director Drops Info (Mark Newton) Behind the scenes. But you don’t have to bake in the desert.

10 Facts You Didn’t Know (Ian M. Simpson) Get educated on the apocalypse’s most pressing matters

6 Gorgeous Ladies of Fury Road (Manny Llanura) Work that buzz cut, Charlize.

Why Tom Hardy's The Next Big Star (Ian M. Simpson) Equal parts Mad Max, Bane, Eames, and hunk.

Next For Tom Hardy: DC or Marvel? (Sean Hardy) Hold onto your spandex. This theory gets deep.

And The Critics Say… (Angelo Rocha) Article *spoiler* alert: they dig it. But we wanna know what YOU think too.

Check it! Ian M. Simpson, a Creator, made awesome posts and got rewarded with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become Mad Max!


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