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So this episode has revealed a lot. Not only has it set up the next episode beautifully but it has also established a full story arc for probably a good junk of the Flash.

We all know who the Injustice League are. If you don't they're a group of villains who want to destroy the Justice League. But if we adapt the storyline we can streamline it to fit within the context of The Flash.

As you know the Meta-Humans are out on the streets. But alone the Flash can easily pick them off, and this includes Captain Cold.

Captain Cold being the smart over-planner that he is will probably bring these guys together, and form the (Drum roll) Injustice League!

The Squad will consist of...

Captain Cold and his sister.

Again Captain Cold would probably lead the team, and obviously his sister would also be included, but I would like to see the shows writers fully use her personality. What I mean to say is, she should stay true to her character and flirt or make advances at someone. Now it could be Cisco, or someone in the League? Probably Mark (Weather guy) in my opinion, but hey that's just me.

Mark Madon

The Transporter (My personal name for Her)

The RainBow Rider

Then of course the Flash could battle it out with these guys. It will be awesome, all of these guys have personal vendettas against him, and vice versa. It will be an amazing story-arc, and will utilise the full acting prowess of Captain Cold.

We might possibly even see...

The Metal Man

If you want to see how I figured out if he might still be alive click here.


Yes he is one of the founding members of the Injustice League, and at some point he was even named leader. So I do believe that he should be included, but I don't believe that he should be the leader. I would love to see the friction between him and Captain Cold as well.

What do you think could we see the Injustice League on the Flash?


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