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Imagine you're watching your favorite TV show when the airwaves are suddenly hijacked to show on-the-ground footage of a violent war your government told you didn't exist. It would probably be shocking and fear-inducing. That's how Capitol citizens must have felt when the District 13 rebels began their wave of propaganda, and that's how the audience feels in this Hunger Games fan film, MOCKINGJAY: BURN.

This short film was created by HBO Project Greenlight S4 finalists, Leo Kei Angelos (director) and Kristen Brancaccio (co-producer/actress). It was co-produced by some of the folks over at RobotUnderdog (the brilliant minds behind Dragon Ball Z- Light of Hope).

Says Angelos,

"We've been working on this fan film for a year. We wanted to recreate the District 8 bombing sequence (found in the 3rd Hunger Games book) using a found-footage style, making it completely immersive for the fans."

Adds Brancaccio (who starred as Katniss):

"We still haven't seen the Lionsgate MOCKINGJAY movie yet. We didn't want it to influence our vision in any way. But now that our fan film is out, I can't wait to see the official version and see how they line up!"

MOCKINGJAY: BURN also features Alex Albrecht (Diggnation, The Totally Rad Show), James Logan (Hunger Games: Catching Fire), Nick Uhas (Big Brother, Nickipedia), Hailey Bright (First Impressions) and Nick Apostolides (The Suffering).

Katniss and Gale shoot down Capitol bombers
Katniss and Gale shoot down Capitol bombers

You can reach the creators at [email protected]


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