BySarah Oakley, writer at

Hi guys!

I'm quite excited to be starting this blog about Tom Hiddleston. It's something I didn't think I could really do. I'm not even expecting much interest, but if it happens then I will be very pleasantly surprised.

I am intending to talk mainly about his professional work as I feel that's where the most interesting topics are. For example, an analysis on the different 'evil'/'villain' characters he has played so far, a look at his future works, his minor roles, etc.

This is going to be one roller-coaster ride but I can see lots of fun evenings spent researching someone that I have a lot of interest in. Who knows, I might get to add some of my cultural theories into my posts.

Of course I will update when I cosplay as one of his characters. As you can see from above, my favourite character to cosplay is currently Loki. I'm working on making various versions that I can take to different conventions.

Anyway, enough from me. On to the good stuff!


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