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I know there are a lot of us who watched or watch DB. It's one of the best (if not the best) animes in the world. Because of that i wanted to make this article about some interesting things in DB.

These are 6 things you probably didn't know about Dragon Ball:

1. Goku vs Superman

People always go nuts when they hear words "Superman vs Goku", ones are on Superman's side while others are on Goku's side bit this isn't about that ( I personally think Goku would kick Superman's ass and please don't kill me in the comments), it's about how Goku amazingly resembles to Superman.

Reasons :
1. Both are aliens
2. Both are only survivors of their race
3. Superman and Goku have their "original" names
4. Both are one of the strongest in their universes
5. Both are fighting for good cause.

If you think that these reasons are not good enough think about this. In 80's Superman 2 came out and it was extremely popular . After that comes Dragon Ball Z and Saiyan Saga. Does Saiyan Saga and Superman 2 have similar plots ? Hmmm I like to think so but that's not a bad thing in fact it's a great thing. Stop arguing over Goku and Superman, what about Vegeta and Zod, think about that for a second?

2. Funny Akira

Are names like Vegeta, Raditz and others funny to you ? Well they should be because it is supposed to be a joke. Dragon Ball first started as a gag comic and Akira used some of its gags in Dragon Ball Z. Kakarot, Raditz, Vegeta got their names after vegetables and yeah that's not coincidence. There are a million of these you can spot and I'm not going to name all of them, just think about it.

3. Source material

DBZ is great story but it had to come from somewhere. Similar story you can find is in Asian mythological story called "The Journey to the West". It talks about group of people retrieving sacred scrolls. One of the people in the group is Son Wukong "Monkey King". Similar things about Goku and Wukong :
1. Both have monkey tails
2. Both wield with battle staff
3. Goku transforms in giant ape from time to time
4. Goku travels with pig-man friend just like Son Wukong
5. Dragon Ball was set in Mountains and Hills just like The Journey to the West (But DBZ has gone too far away from that hilly place)

We couldn't say that DragonBall Z was based on Journey to the West but we all see some similarities between these two stories.

4. Long screams ?

What is secret of those long DBZ screams. Well this is gonna need some explaining to do.All of us who watch anime know what fillers are. Anime's are based on Manga's and sometimes they catch up with the story and they have to stretch out the anime. There are two types of fillers. New episodes where characters go to new adventures with no ties to the story. Second type of fillers are stretched out scenes as much as possible, that's where those screams, pose downs, charging comes in. Reason for this is anime schedule. One episode every week, without rest, every year. Those screams, charges became part of Dragon Ball Z culture and we don't regret for that !

5. Dragon Ball GT

Every DB fan knows about this series but not too many outsiders.It's series that came after DBZ. You could see it just as a filler. It is story about magically de-aged Goku who goes on adventures with his granddaughter.He transforms into SSJ 4 but it is not supported by Toriyama so it is considered just some nonsense. With new series DB Super it is sad that DBGT is gonna be completely erased from existence. People didn't love it too much and it wasn't a big of deal so I don't think many people will be sad because it is going to be scraped.

6. Is it over 9000?

We all know famous sentence : IT'S OVER 9000 !!!!! You can find it all over the internet, it even became meme. Well was it over 9000? it actually wasn't . In manga it was translated to : t's over 8000 !, it was converted to 9000 so it could fit better with mouth movement in the anime.

So guys that's all about that. All this facts you can watch in this video, that is nicely done:

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